As I said, I have contemplated moving on from Teh Resistance. I am going on vacation for a little while to ponder my blogging future, and I am considering migrating to a new blog, since Resistance duties have been taken over by the Tea Parties. Also, I wanted Teh Resistance to become a group blog, but that never jelled.

This is what I am thinking of moving to. Let me know what you think. I’ve previewed it to two people I go way back with in the blogosphere. One said “Awesome.” One said “Meh.”



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A Tribute to Barney Frank

He may have destroyed our entire economy with his insane “make banks give mortgages to deadbeats” policies, but what I’ll remember most is the laughter.


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Christian Expelled For Requesting Not to Treat a Gay

Julea Ward was expelled from Eastern Michigan University for requesting to be removed from treating a case involving a gay client, on the basis that she objected to homosexuality. The school expelled her. She sued. She lost. U.S. District Judge George Steeh issued this ruling:

“Plaintiff was not required to change her views or religious beliefs; she was required to set them aside in the counselor-client relationship — a neutral, generally applicable expectation of all counselors-to-be under the ACA (American Counseling Association) standard.”

The really ironic part about this is that the American Bar Association, of which Judge Steeh is likely a member, is okay with lawyers refusing to take gay clients, on the basis that a lawyer can’t argue effectively for someone he or she finds “repugnant.” It’s for the clients benefit, they claim.

A logical person would think the same rationale applied to psychological counselors. But our Justice System divorced itself from logic a long time ago.

If the Law is an ass, the American Judicial System is a 4-assed monkey.

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Yeah, Great, Let’s Talk About Race in America. That’s Way More Important Than Fixing the Economy

Oh, yippee. Dear Reader President Momjeans is calling for yet another “dialog on race” in America.

Some commentators have called for a national conversation on race, and Obama agreed that “we should all look inward,” and have “mature” talks about “the divides that still exist.”

He said this in the context of the Martyrdom of St. Shirley of the USDA, of whom he said, “She deserves better than what happened last week,” conveniently forgetting that when she was being crucified, he was the one handing out the nails.

My comments:

  • Every time Obama, or Sharpton, or Jesse Jackson says “dialog about race,” what they mean is “a lecture on grievances.” In fact, you can substitute the word “grievance” for the word “race” in practically any utterance from any civil rights figure.
  • The reason these self-righteous prigs are always saying we need a “dialog about race grievances,” isn’t because they want to listen to other people, it’s because they want to set themselves up in Race Commissions —  ideally with a hefty taxpayer subsidy — where they can lecture everybody else about what bigots they are. (Like the phony job Obama offered St. Shirley if she ever decides to get down off the cross.)
  • The way to get passed race in America isn’t for a bunch of busy-bodies to lecture us about grievances. It will happen when I mind my own business and look after my family, and you mind your own business and look after your family, and everybody minds their own business and looks after their family, and the Government stops funding stupid commissions and studies whose continued funding depends on the perpetuation of racial grievances.

Groovy, baby. Let's rap about your grievances.

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The Death Toll of Amnesty

Pinal County in Arizona has more dead illegal immigrants than its morgues can handle. Coyotes (the human kind) collect payment from illegals, then leave them in the desert to die.

The Obama Regime and Federal Judge Susan Bolton are A-OK with this. If we had a policy of securing our borders and prosecuting human smugglers, lives would be saved.

BWT, in case you haven’t heard, drug dealers in Phoenix celebrated Bolton’s ruling by gunning down three cops last night, one fatally.

Another beneficiary of Obama's policy of immigration non-enforcement.

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Separated at Birth

Libyan Dictator and Cutting Edge Fashionista Mo Khadafy…

And indestructible human cockroach Keith Richards…

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Dramacrat 2010 Election Strategy: Hype Up the Scare Tactics

From the Dramacrats Lay Out Their Version of the GOP Agenda for their Media to lap up. (Read it here now, hear it from every MSDNC host for the next three months.)
1. Repeal ObamaCare (Democrats claim insurance companies make money by killing people.)
2. Privatize Social Security or phase it out altogether. (Like I said, scare the greedy geezers)
4. Extend the Bush tax breaks for the wealthy and big oil. (Because Democrats think massive tax increases in the depths of economic recession are great policy.)
5. Repeal Wall Street Reform (Even the part that exempts the SEC from the Freedom of Information Act)
6. Protect those responsible for the oil spill and future environmental catastrophes. (But later they claim the Republicans want to abolish the Department of Energy and the EPA. Both statements can’t be true.)
7. Abolish the Department of Education (Because Federalizing education has worked so well so far.)
8. Abolish the Department of Energy (Because you can never have too many useless bureaucracies.)
9. Abolish the Environmental Protection Agency. (Because what we really need is an agency that declares a gas that all human exhale and that plants need to survive a toxic pollutant, and use it as an excuse to destroy the economy.)
10. Repeal the 17th Amendment (Ironic coming from a party with no fewer than five current senators who were appointed without elections {Burris, Gillibrand, Bennet, Goodwin, Kaufman).

Actually, most of those items are not necessarily bad ideas, but it is dishonest in the extreme to suggest that they are the Republican Platform. But since when are Dramacrats bound by the truth?

I also notice there is nothing on the list relating to illegal immigration and border security; the Dramacrats obviously couldn’t think of a way to spin the Republican position (whatever it is) in a way that made it seem worse than theirs.


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