How’s That Arizona Boycott Working Out?

Answer, not so well.

Recent data compiled by a market research group show hotel bookings across the state — as well as in tourism hot spots Phoenix and Scottsdale — have been on the rise the past two months.

The numbers could dispel warnings from local officials that Arizona stands to lose a fortune and dampen the chances that cities and organizations will be able to compel the state to reverse its immigration law by choking its economy with a sanctions-style business boycott.

The ruling elite love illegal aliens because it allows them to hire cheap nannies, gardeners, and maids and still feel self-righteous about. But mainstream Americans, not lovin’ the invasion so much.

Also, illegals are self-deporting in advance of the law. The real reason the progressive left is terrified of the Arizona law is that if it works, then their whole spiel about how enforcing immigration law “just won’t work” blows up.

Go ahead, move to New York and San Francisco. The progs will welcome you.



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2 responses to “How’s That Arizona Boycott Working Out?

  1. Cylar

    I live in California, and I’m not pleased at the thought that all those AZ-bound illegals may be coming here instead. That’s the only dark aspect to this new law.

    Did you hear this story out of Nebraska, GoY?

    Cowards. The NE town council, that is. I initially read the comments over at Yahoo’s posting of the same story, and I wrote there: that I’m sick and tired of the Left trying to make this issue about race, as well as its refusal to distinguish between legal and illegal immigration.

    I am delighted by this news – that the boycotts apparently aren’t working. I suspect the BUY-cotts are apparently countering the boycotts and then some.

    Polls have shown that something like 70% of the public wants serious action taken on this issue. It’s only the politicians and other ruling elites that refuse to do so.

  2. R

    GoY, Cylar,

    My comment is rather to you both. First, GoY, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I would say though that they are not so much self-deporting as moving to other states. The beautiful thing is — and this is where you come in Cylar — that it’s only a few short steps for them to truly start self-deporting. It’s a positive sign.

    The fact that the bill forces them to move elsewhere isn’t a dark aspect at all. It’s inspiring and gives me a little hope when the rest of our nation’s prospects are so bleak. Cali will have no choice but to pass their own AZ style after NM, NV, and perhaps TX, CO, and UT pass theirs. In two years immigration may very well have turned around and seem the least of our problems.

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