Flaming Nutjob Claims Vindication

AIDS-Addled Crackpot Andrew Sullivan claims vindication for flogging the insane conspiracy theory that Sarah Palin is not actually Trig Palin mother, because as it turns out, the left-wing cabal known as Jornolist was flogging the same conspiracy theory. (Safe Link to Sistuh Toldjah)

Remember all those liberals and lefties huffily denouncing this blog’s attempts to make sense of Sarah Palin’s bizarre stories about the pregnancy and birth of her alleged fifth child? I was nuts, crazy, vile, disgusting, etc … Well, we now know, that, for some at least, I wasn’t crazy. [No, Andy, we only know you weren’t alone in your dementia] I was just not disciplined enough to curtail what this blog airs in order to conform with what many Journo-listers believed were the interests of the Obama campaign. …  I was pilloried for saying out loud what the entire chattering class was saying in private.

Note: Trig Palin was born April 18 2008. Bristol Palin gave birth to Tripp Palin on December 27 2008. How the Hell did she get pregnant with Tripp before she gives birth to Trig?

Or am I just using that silly hatred-for-Sarah-Palin-does-not-bend-the-laws-of-nature logic again?

Mr. Sullivan is quite mad, you know.


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