As I said, I have contemplated moving on from Teh Resistance. I am going on vacation for a little while to ponder my blogging future, and I am considering migrating to a new blog, since Resistance duties have been taken over by the Tea Parties. Also, I wanted Teh Resistance to become a group blog, but that never jelled.

This is what I am thinking of moving to. Let me know what you think. I’ve previewed it to two people I go way back with in the blogosphere. One said “Awesome.” One said “Meh.”


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4 responses to “Next

  1. Cylar

    Unrelated, but I have a quick question for you, GoY:

    Why do you keep referring to Obama as “President Momjeans?” I don’t get the reference.

    I’ve already got a long list of Obama nicknames here, which I will share on request. (My favorite is “Chairman Zero.”) I just don’t understand that particular one.

  2. Oh, it’s just a reference to the infamous mom jeans incident and it plays into what an effete girly man the president is. I probably won’t use it long.

  3. Hopefully you’ll archive all the previous articles from here on your new site, I still think “teh resistance” is funny and trendy, and I dont associate it with the teaparty as far as branding goes.

    It strikes me as conservativism is “teh resistance” to big government, the teaparty being a conservative movement, but that doesnt mean all conservative blogs are chapters of the teaparty.

    I like the humor and ridicule directed at the pompous and insubstantial nonsense that composes progressive ideology that you have here and posted at Moonbattery.

    But either way, I’ll add the new blog to my rss reader if the time comes.

  4. Beef

    Wherever it is, here or over at a new site, your continued blogging is appreciated. Carry on.

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