Demonrat Scare Tactics

The Democrat strategy going into the fall is pretty straightforward: Scare the hell out of their base (their dim-witted, skittery, not particularly well-informed base). Scare the Hispanics by mischaracterizing Arizona’s immigration enforcement law. Scare the blacks by proclaiming the Tea Parties are racists and conservatives want to bring back slavery as New Left Martyr Shirley Sherrod claims. And, most importantly, scare the elderly by claiming Republicans want to take away their social security.

Harry Reid is using this line of attack against Sharron Angle. The Kentucky Democrats are using it against Rand Paul. Chris Matthews — following the talking points memo to a T — tried to trick Paul Ryan into emitting a sound-bite to the effect that Republicans would cut social security. This line of attack tends to work because senior citizens are notoriously greedy and stupid and they believe what the MFM tells them.

These attacks would be easy to refute if Republicans weren’t also so stupid. All they have to say is tell seniors   that no one is going to touch their benefits, only those of future generations. Since seniors hate young people anyway, this would make an effective selling point.

The Republicans — if they were really smart — would paint the Democrats as delusional for acting as if the Social Security system can go on forever in its current state without massive reform.

But the main frustration in dealing with Republicans is how consistently frakking stupid they are.

He's greedy and stupid, and he votes.



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2 responses to “Demonrat Scare Tactics

  1. Cylar

    A lot of seniors I’ve talked to, behave as if the younger generations owe them something simply for having lived through the Depression and/or the wars that took place mid-20th century.

    The “Social Security is insolvent” bit is true but won’t work on these people. A lot of them simply don’t care. Their view is that they paid into the system while they were working, and so they want theirs.

    And if they get back something like 250 grand more than they paid in…well, so much the better. In their view.

    I once proposed that we simply figure out what every person under 65 has paid into the system, adjust for inflation, and cut ’em a check….and then stop allowing anyone else to begin receiving benefits who isn’t already, as well as halt the payroll taxes which fund SS.

    Where would the payouts come from, you ask? The money would have to come out of the government’s general fund…the same place it went into during the years that SS was running a surplus.

  2. Montzilla

    I’ve had older people give me the line: “I’ve paid in my whole life, it’s mine”. I reply: “So have I, but it will be insolvent by the time I’m retirement age.” They change the subject or there’s awkward silence.

    Just means testing would help a lot. People who have million dollar retirement accounts or assets shouldn’t be allowed to collect. They can’t sign up for food stamps or welfare, SS is just another form of welfare that they’ve sold as some sort of retirement benefit.

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