Weather Isn’t Climate; Except When It Is

Whenever there’s unseasonable cold or snowstorms or cold snaps, the Meanbearpig Cult is quick to dismiss it. “Weather isn’t climate,” they sneer.  Faulty computer models predicting future behavior that doesn’t happen and crappy Roland Emmerich movies, that’s climate, they say (more or less).

Now, the NY Times’s Thomas Friedman — a devoted Global Warming cultist — is back to claiming that weather is climate.

As we East Coasters know, it’s been extremely hot here this summer, with records broken. But, hey, you could be living in Russia, where ABC News recently reported that a “heat wave, which has lasted for weeks, has Russia suffering its worst drought in 130 years. In some parts of the country, temperatures have reached 105 degrees.” Moscow’s high the other day was 93 degrees.

So, hot weather proves Global Warming, but cold weather means nothing. Got it.

The Earth has a fever and we're all going to die.


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One response to “Weather Isn’t Climate; Except When It Is

  1. Cylar

    Come on, GoY…it’s not Gore-bal warming anymore. It’s “climate change.” That’s the new vogue term. Gotta stay with the times.

    See, that way, they can blame human activity no matter WHAT the temperature does. Getting hotter this summer? Human induced climate change; dust off the Kyoto protocols and have everyone sign. Pass Crap N Trade…now.

    Getting colder this winter? Ditto.

    It’s like nature can’t win. And…neither can those of us who don’t buy into the idea that humans can affect weather or climate to start with.

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