Howard Dean: Pompous Ass

Chris Wallace smacks Howard Dean upside the head with a clue bat, and Dean doesn’t even realize how badly pwned he is.

Regarding the Shirley Sherrod thing, setting aside the racist accusations, (I think Shirl’s shown pretty clearly she doesn’t care for white folk, she missed a fine opportunity to keep her mouth shut after she was “vindicated.”), the part of the spectacle that struck me was just how immature everyone has been through it all.

Obama: “She has cooties. Fire her. On, no, wait. Turns out she doesn’t have cooties, make up a fake job and hire her back.”

The Democrats: “Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah. You have cooties! You’re racists!”

Republicans. “Nun-unh.”

Sherrod: “I don’t hate white people, but I think Breitbart and FoxNews should be shut down.”

Obama: “How about a job at the FCC then.”

Rachel Maddow: “This incident shows how it’s irresponsible to throw around charges of racism. Also, it proves everybody to the right of Olympia Snowe is a racist.”

This was a “teachable moment,” all right. It showed what a bunch of immature assholes pretty much everyone in media and Government are.


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One response to “Howard Dean: Pompous Ass

  1. Cylar

    Let’s see:

    “I hate Republicans and everything they stand for.”

    I haven’t paid attention to a word Dean has said since.

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