Britain Reforming Socialized Medicine?

Without quite admitting that socialized Medicine has FAILed, Her Majesty’s Government is considering some broad-ranging reforms, mainly decentralizing the decision-making apparatus and giving physicians and patients more control over treatments.

What is interesting to me is the reaction of the health care bureaucrats, who are gob-smacked at the insane notion that physicians could possibly make better treatment choices than NHS bureauweenies.

“It’s like getting your waiter to manage a restaurant,” David Furness, head of strategic development at the Social Market Foundatio, said. “The government is saying that G.P.’s know what the patient wants, just the way a waiter knows what you want to eat. But a waiter isn’t necessarily any good at ordering stock, managing the premises, talking to the chef — why would they be? They’re waiters.”

That’s right, he just compared a physician with years of specialized training and professional experience to the kid who brings you your Jalapeno poppers at Flingers; and implied that a politically appointed desk jockey is a better manager of health care.

"Would you like to super-size that chemotherapy?"


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