Cindy Lauper is a Brainless Dingbat

Cindy Lauper is — to most people — an unwanted bit of debris from music’s decade of over-production. But she does have a huge gay following, probably because her music is much more tolerable if you’re tweaked out of your mind on party drugs.

Anyway, Miss “Girls Just Wanna Have STD’s” spewed forth on Gay Canadian TeeVee about George W. Bush:

“[T]he way he would go on television – that George Bush, and speak hate. I mean, just unabashed hatred…”

Yeah, I don’t suppose she can cite any actual examples of that. It’s like the liberal myth that Bush blamed Clinton for all of his administration’s challenges. It’s taken on faith regardless of the complete absence of any… you know, citations of Bush actually blaming Clinton for anything.

Speaking of faith, she hates Christians, too. (Probably because hedonistic gays are her meal ticket).

“If you look at history, and you look at how people are taking over, well, they knock down one church and they put another church on top of that. And they tell you ‘praise the lord…”

Political analyst *and* Theological Historian? This is what passes for depth on the left.

The mind of a typical celebrity is made of poopie.



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3 responses to “Cindy Lauper is a Brainless Dingbat

  1. b-dob

    Evidence backing up claims sure can be a bitch for the left. Kind of like the whole racism claims. Scream racism when there is nothing to back it up, but when hard evidence of racism shows up on their side, somehow they manage to either dismiss it as non-racism (see Harry Reid, Robert Byrd, Barack Obama), or blame somebody else (Ms. Sharron, Andre Carson and crew).

  2. Eric

    Funny to see little minds venting.

    “…if you’re tweaked out of your mind on party drugs.”

    Humorist *and* anthropologist? THIS is what passes for depth on the right?

    Good luck on your journey, friend.

  3. Cylar

    It’s rather sad, but the fact is that this is what we’ve come to expect from our music and movie celebs. I personally don’t give a rip if these people are left-wingers, who their fans are, or even if they utter opinions on something now and then.

    What does irritate me is that so many of them (Sean Penn, Roseann Barr, Janine Garfa-whatever, and so on) seem to go out of their way to antagonize, ridicule, and annoy Christians and conservatives. Really…is it necessary to accuse a president of “unabashed hatred” just because you didn’t agree with the Iraq War or whatever?

    And it also makes me wonder – what…us conservatives’ money isn’t green enough? They WANT to drive us away from buying their albums or seeing their movies?

    Eric: GoY explained precisely why this nugget was bothersome to him, and you mocked him for it. Fail.

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