What Does It Mean?


American corporations … building up massive cash reserves.

The Obamacrat Government… running up debt like an asteroid’s about to hit.

And we’re told again and again that the Government is run by the best and the brightest who can plan long term for the future insulated from the demands of quarterly earning statements, while corporations are run by greedy, short-sighted jerks who only care about their next bonus.

I really wish we could have a president whose Budget Director had the nickname “Chainsaw.”


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One response to “What Does It Mean?

  1. Gregory:

    We did have a budget director like that once. David Stockman. He was the budget director for Ronald Reagan. He wrote a book called “The Triumph of Politics.” Have you read it? What did you think? Because Stockman came out of his experience a bit disillusioned—and a bit skeptical of the relationship between supply-side policies and the deficit.

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