Obama’s Next Target: The Trucking Industry

After destroying 3,000,000 private sector jobs his first year in office, destroying up to 120,000 more jobs in offshore drilling and at least 10,000 jobs in his “rescue” (cough, nationalization, cough) of General Motors, what vestige of capitalism will Obama destroy next.

As with his previous targets, Obama is aiming at an industry that provides a lot of men in red states with good-paying jobs: the Trucking Industry.

Chairman Zero’s Transportation Department (under Corrupt Illinois Hack Politican Ray LaHood) is about to enact something called CSA2010 (Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010), comprehensive trucking industry safety regulations.¬† You know how Obama’s Financial Industry “reforms” are going to create huge administrative burdens that smaller banks can’t afford, but big banks can, so the ultimate result will be to drive smaller banks under and let Too Big Too Fail banks get even bigger. CSA2010 will have precisely the same effect on the trucking industry, with the added incentive of socialism. You know how some states require “No Fault” auto insurance? CSA2010 incorporates a sort of “Everybody’s Fault” penalty.

The actions of an individual driver will affect the rating of every driver that is employed by that carrier.

How socialist is that? Smaller trucking companies can be shut down for the actions of one or a few drivers, based on the arbitrary decisions of DOT bureaucrats. (And folks like Shirley Sherrod who may have an animus against people who aren’t her own kind.) How will they stay in business?

So why is the regime hell-bent-for-leather on eliminating small and medium-sized businesses? Because it is much easier for socialists to co-opt a few large corporations into vassals of the state (Goldman-Sachs, General Motors) than it is to control a multitude of smaller businesses. Which is why Democrats deliberately and purposefully raise the burdens and the barriers to entry of smaller businesses.

And if lack of competition drives up prices across the board, who cares? The peasants consume too much, anyway. And the elites can always raise their taxes to preserve their own lifestyles.

Please don't let the Government 'help' the trucking industry.



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2 responses to “Obama’s Next Target: The Trucking Industry

  1. c

    First off… the highlighted “The actions of an individual driver will affect the rating of every driver that is employed by that carrier.” is entirely inaccurate. A drivers actions will affect the “rating” of the company as a whole…..however only a drivers actions (based on violations, tickets, inspections etc) will affect his/her own score. So no…what one driver does will NOT affect another drivers rating.

    What CSA 2010 does do however, is create a trail for “bad driving history” to follow a driver. mess up enough….and you will be virtually un-hireable. While it will make it tough to find “quality drivers”, but shouldn’t it be?

    • R

      Pretty sure that’s what the DMV is for.

      Take off the blinders c, what world are you livin’ in? Take a look around. Can you name a single function of the Federal government that works as intended? Can you name a single creation of government that hasn’t been expanded and emboldened dramatically beyond it’s proposed purpose?

      Your reading for comprehension score is high on the small scope, but in the aggregate…

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