Dramacrats Swear In New Senator, Immediately Put the County $34B More Into Debt

The Dramacrats swore in hack seat-warmer Carte Goodwin into the seat vacated by Grand Cyclops Robert Byrd, and immediately pressed a vote on $34 Billion in “emergency” deficit spending. Republicans had pressed the Dramacrats to find the $34 Billion somewhere in the $4,0oo,ooo,ooo,ooo (Four Trillion) budget so that the extension of funemployment benefits wouldn’t add to the deficit. (Maybe by cancelling presidential dog flights.) But the Dramacrats said, “Nah, let’s just squander the future instead.”

By coincidence, $34 Billion is exactly what Warren Buffett paid for the BNSF railroad.  Apparently, no one explained to him that paying people not to work was a better investment.

At a Press Conference, some insolent cur of a reporter asked Robert Gibbs if the Dramacrats were basically planning on extending unemployment spending into perpetuity, deficits be damned. The answer: Pretty much.

Install a Dem from West Virginia/What do you get?/Another Day older and $34 Billion in debt

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