Now What?

So, since I’ve been kicked to the curb from Moonbattery, should I keep blogging? That is the question.

Here is what I am asking myself:

1. Does it really matter if I blog? There’s so many other blogs out there … AoS HQ, Gateway Pundit, Knowledge Is Power, GayPatriot, Patterico, The Blogmocracy… I ask myself whether I really have anything to add to the conversation that isn’t amply and betterly said elsewhere.

2. The Troll Fatigue is really severe right now. Poking a stick in their eyes was always a perk, but I find lately no matter how many times or how hard you hit them with the clue-mace, progressive leftists are determined to remain stupid.

3. If I do decide to blog, I should probably change the name of the Blog. The Tea Parties have sort of become The Resistance. I dunno what to call it next.

So, anyway, in case anyone wandered over from Moonbattery and wondered if I was going to post any more, the answer is I haven’t made up my mind yet. I’m leaning no unless can reason out that it’s really worth it to continue.

Is anyone listening?



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17 responses to “Now What?

  1. J

    Well, I followed you over. So you’ve got one!

    I kinda like the name.


    DON’T LEAVE!!!!!! If you do, I will be forced to
    issue a fatwa!!!

  3. BusterDog

    Take a break. Wait till you read something that gets the juices flowing. There is an infinite supply of trolls, so don’t let them bother you.

  4. b-dob

    Dude! You were the best blogger at Moonbattery, so just keep it going here. It is frustrating dealing with the libtards, but you can’t let their idiocy get you down. Just keep coming with the truth (and the snark).

  5. Keep on posting. Everyone misses the morning briefs, even me, although I usually disagreed with what you said.

  6. R

    I agree with b-dob. When I started reading MB I was under the impression that you ran the show.

    I became a daily reader because your posts featured news that usually isn’t featured on Ace or HA. The Morning Briefs were always something I looked forward to as well. A pal of mine feels the same way.

    Also, about the libs, the language you use to describe them is hilarious and helps a con keep perspective. Anyway they always shriek the loudest about the ones they feel most threatened by so try to keep perspective.

    Whatever you choose to do, best of luck to you.


  7. forest

    I say keep going.

    I liked the morning briefs too. Not enough good blogging in the AM.

  8. Steve

    You lament that the, “leftists are determined to remain stupid.” You must assume that they won’t become more stupid if you should leave. Is that really a risk you’re willing to take?

  9. zionred

    Why were you kicked off of Moonbattery?

  10. Cylar

    Yeah, can you explain the bit about being booted from Moonbattery?

    Please, keep blogging. I enjoy your posts, and some of the regular commenters here (like the Doktor) also amuse and entertain me. If you don’t blog, he probably won’t write anything either, at least not where I can read it.

    I am a daily reader of The guy actually subtitles his blog “The Blog That Nobody Reads.” He writes because he wants to, and if no one reads it, he doesn’t really care. It’s probably the same reason a sculptor, playwright or painter continues on; it’s a means of self-expression if nothing else.

    Besides, even if other blogs say much the same thing, they’re all going to have a slightly different take on the issues. Everyone’s perspective is bound to be unique.

    As for the trolls, can’t you just kick them out of here if you want?

  11. No one writes betterly as well as you, Gregory, and I am very sad that you and Van Helsing are no longer a team, along with The Mary Hunter (who didn’t seem to post as often as I’d have liked.) I would like to know the story, if you are willing to tell it.

    I always enjoyed your posts, and even though I am not a big commenter, I am an avid reader, along with my husband. He’s not super into politics, but he never missed your posts.

    So, for totally selfish reasons I would encourage you to keep blogging. You have a great way of putting things and keeping a sane perspective on the insanity of the leftist.

    And gosh I loved those “Good Morning Patriots and left-wingers who wet themselves when they see Sarah Palin” types of openings! Made. My. Day!

  12. I have no reason to believe the case is other than what VH said it was, he wanted a one-author blog back.

    So, last night I posted some stuff just to see what it felt like. I do like being able to post whatever I want and to insert South Park ‘toons; which was something VH forbade because an anonymous troll whined about it.

    I have an idea I am kicking around, sort of a successor to Teh Resistance. But I don’t know for sure what I am going to do yet. This morning, I lean in the direction of something that would allow me to post when I felt like it, and not as a daily obligation.

  13. I always liked Teh Resistance better than Moonbattery- no crit of them, I just like your style. Throughout, I kept TR on my RSS feed and was very happy to see it wake up this a.m. FWIW.

    Nevertheless, blog fatigue is a reality and in the back of your mind there are constant questions of being up to par, consistency, uniqueness, and so on. Rest assured that your fans are interested and entertained by what you have to say. For what it’s worth, I always linked TR much more than I did Moonbattery. My blog has been neglected, too, as I turn my attentions necessarily to my non-virtual life. Whatever you do, don’t go out thinking, “I have nothing unique to add to this conversation.” That would be a lie.

  14. Corbin Dallas

    You were my favorite at MB….that’s VH’s loss. Please keep at it…you are a great read!

  15. Teh Mole

    Late to the game, but here is how it affects me.
    – GoY at Teh Resistance? Read TR.
    – GoY goes to Moonbattery? Start reading MB.
    – GoY back to TR? Delete MB, start reading TR again.

  16. montzilla

    Keep posting.

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