How a Common Sense Conservative President Might Have Handled the Deepwater Horizon Spill

Getting angry about water contamination does nothing to clean up the mess.

Sure, we all know Obumble has completely, totally, and comprehensively botched every aspect of the response to the Deepwater Horizon spill. However, “OK, Mr. Smarty Pants. How would you guys have handled it?” Is a legitimate question. Except for maybe the Mr. Smarty-Pants part.

Suppose, instead of the World’s Greatest Community Organizer, we had a common sense conservative president in the White House. How would she, or he, have handled the Deepwater Horizon Spill. I think it would have gone something like this.

1. The Jones Act would have been suspended immediately and indefinitely so that foreign offers of assistance could be accepted unconditionally.

2. An Executive Order would have gone out barring all executive branch agencies from interfering with clean-up efforts at the state and local levels.

3. Another Executive Order would have gone out ordering all executive branch agencies to provide any resources demanded by state and local agencies.

4. And if the president were really on-the-ball, he would get the country’s top petroleum engineers and geologists together and give them three days to come up with best, second best, and fallback solutions to stopping the leak. All government resources would be made available to implement the solutions the Task Force arrived at.

5. When the beaches were safe and the hole was plugged, then and only then would the president turn his attention to BP’s culpability. Also, the Task Force would be asked to submit contingency plans for dealing with future spills.

Realistically, I don’t see anyone in the Mitt Palin – Sarah Romney Republican Party having enough vision to implement all of those. Maybe Chris Christie or Bobby Jindal, since they seem to have more leadership acumen. But I think we can all agree that those five steps would have been superior to the Obama response:

1. Shut down deepwater drilling and destroy 50,000 jobs.
2. Play Golf.
3. Refuse foreign offers of assistance until pressure from the right forces you to accept them.
4. Posture about kicking somebody’s ass. Whine that you can’t suck up the oil with a straw.
5. Play more golf.
6. Allow your regulatory agencies to shut down state and local efforts to contain the spill.
7. Shakedown BP for some money.
8. Push Cap and Trade Legislation.
9. Rename the Federal Agency in charge of regulating offshore drilling.
10. Play more golf.


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One response to “How a Common Sense Conservative President Might Have Handled the Deepwater Horizon Spill

  1. R

    Unlike the idiot maplesucker at MB, I genuinely do miss the Morning Briefs. Looking forward to your next post GoY.

    It’s a shame that less than a week after I converted one of my friends to a daily MB reader we lost my favorite contributor. You pull no punches, I like that. The ‘rulers’/’masters’/’overlords’ descriptors for the petty tyrants on the Hudson are starting to catch on in common language.

    Also, if you’re posting elsewhere please let us know.


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