Mitch Daniels Unconditional Surrender on Social Issues

Much like Drew at AoS HQ, I’m not sure how Mitch Daniels “truce” on social issues is supposed to work. Will the gay groups agree to stand down on pushing gay marriage? Will Hollywood stand down on producing its cultural sewer of entertainment? Will the ACLU stand down on trying to sterilize any acknowledgment of Christianity from the public sphere? Will groups like GLSEN stand down from pushing a gay agenda in the public schools? Will NARAL stop pushing for taxpayer-funded abortion anytime, any place, for any reason, at any stage of pregnancy?

Unless Mitch Daniels can come up with a compelling way to get the other side to stand down, his proposal isn’t for a truce, it’s for social conservatives to unilaterally disarm.

If we stand down, the hippies win.


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