Obama as Zapp Brannigan

I figured it out, Barack Obama is Zapp Brannigan. His incompetence is only matched by his arrogance and his love for velour. Obama is Zapp Brannigan.

On economics, he’s clueless. His policies aren’t designed to grow the economy, but to please the faculty lounge at Harvard and his BFF Hugo Chavez. He throws trillions of dollars at the economy, the way Zapp Brannigan sent wave after wave of men into the maw of the rampaging killbots.

On the oil spill, he’s incompetent and dithering and it’s all everybody else’s fault “Plug the Damn Hole!” is Obamunist for “Stop Exploding You Cowards.”

I guess this makes Joe Biden Kif Croker. I wonder how many times a day he has to suppress a frustrated sigh.


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One response to “Obama as Zapp Brannigan

  1. The Doktor

    Joe Biden as Kif Croker? Kif has 10 times the brains than Bif Biden has. And if you’re going to equate Hussein with a cartoon character it would have to be Elmer Fudd.

    ”You come outta there, you wascally wabbit!!”

    Hm. I guess not. Perhaps Foghorn Leghorn? Yosemite Sam? Marvin the Martian?

    ”Someone has stolen my Illudium Pew38 Space Modulator! Now I can’t blow up the Earth!”

    Let’s face it – Zippie the Clown is his own special character. More along the lines of a Firesign Theater creation like Porgie Tirebiter. His school disappeared too!

    Doktor Dexterous

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