The Left Likes Pederasty

U.S. District Court Judge Jack Weinstein doesn’t believe that perverts should be punished for possession of child pornography, and thinks that as a judge, he should over-rule the people’s elected legislators and not sentence perverts to the punishment the law demands.

Judge Weinstein, who sits in the United States District Court in Brooklyn, has twice thrown out convictions that would have ensured that the man spend at least five years behind bars. He has pledged to break protocol and inform the next jury about the mandatory prison sentence that the charges carry. And he recently declared that the man, who is awaiting a new trial, did not need an electronic ankle bracelet because he posed “no risk to society.”

We’re destroying lives unnecessarily,” he said. “At the most, they should be receiving treatment and supervision.”

The New York Waste of Times has given Judge Weinstein a fawning, Page One tribute, for his “courageous” defense of people who collect images of children being sexually abused.

The progressive left has a pretty shameful history of siding with people who molest children, or who fantasize about molesting children. The ACLU defended NAMBLA’s “right” to distribute instructions on how to kidnap, rape and murder children. By the way, an ACLU president was busted for possession of child pornography. So, you can understand why they would defend NAMBLA.

Also, Wikipedia — which you know what it is — has been embroiled in a controversy involving the use of its servers to distribute child pornography. And one of its lefty founders, Erik Möller, Wikimedia’s Foundation Deputy Director, takes a very progressive view of pedophilia.

“What is my position on pedophilia, then? It’s really simple. If the child doesn’t want it, is neutral or ambiguous, it’s inappropriate.”

Progressive morality is an oxymoron.


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