Rand Paul and the Simple Minded Racist Idiocy of the Left

Ugh! I don’t like having to post about Rand Paul — I’m really not a fan of the guy. And this post really isn’t about Rand Paul per se, but about the idiot, knee-jerk lefties that are attacking him.

I am irritated because, as I said before, it’s stupid to be debating an issue from 1964 when the country has other, more serious problems. I hadn’t even been born yet when this was an issue. Yeah, there’s still pockets of racism in the country, but the problems of racism have diminished and been long eclipsed by the problem of a Government that is all-intrusive and fiscally unsustainable.

Rand Paul’s position is actually pretty thoughtful: Racial discrimination is bad, but Government interfering in how a business operates is also bad. It may be necessary, but we have to think long and hard about how far government should go, even in addressing that which is universally agreed to be wrong.

The left’s smear of Paul’s position is neither honest nor thoughtful: “It is a-ok for business to racially discriminate.” It’s a simplistic reduction for the sake of racial demogoguery.

Once again, we see the narrow, black and white stupidity of leftist thinking: Discrimination is bad, therefore Government intrusion to stop discrimination must be good. It’s quite beyond the leftist brain to consider that both of these may be bad, though the latter may be a necessity in certain circumstances.

But the Baby Boomers have to keep waving Civil Rights in our faces because when they were screwing up the country with their stupid hippie philosophies of free love, bad music, and socialism — the Civil Rights movement was the one thing in the 60’s they don’t have to be ashamed of, and they will rub it in our faces until the last one of them is buried.

This debate on the limits of Government power and the degree of intrusion people are willing to accept would be a good one to have. It’s a pity the progressive left is exploiting it as an opportunity for racial demagoguery.

It's 1964 Forever in Hippie Land


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One response to “Rand Paul and the Simple Minded Racist Idiocy of the Left

  1. Voltaire

    So there are “some pockets” of racism lefty in the country? Might I ask if you’re white? And if not, have you ever heard of slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow, and of course the Tea Party ranters and ravers who just love holding up signs of Obama dressed as a cannibal?
    Racism is alive and well in America. Keep your ears open and check yourself and you might find it it’s more prevalent than you realize. Moreover, it was Paul who reopened the debate on Civil Rights by championing the notion that white business owners should have the right to refuse service to black people. Someone’s still living in 1964 and it’s not the liberals – at least not on the issue of Civil Rights. The people still living in the past on this issue are right wing reactionaries who look with nostalgia on such endearing practices as attacking black people with billie clubs, tear gas, high-pressure water hoses, and nail studded bats. The only people keeping the Civil Rights sturuggle of the 50s and 60s alive are the crybaby sore loser conservatives who lost their constitutional argument that race segregation is a legitimate exercise of a state’s police power (that 14th Amendment be damned – right on!)
    Frankly, your generalization that the Baby Boomers were all hippies is quite bad history. Hippies were a counterculture in the 60s and nothing more. Most of the country didn’t practice free love in the 60s, Medicare wasn’t considered socialism (except for the John Birchers and the AMA – the later group changed their mind when they found they could bilk the system) and frankly the Beatles, Doors, Animals, and Rolling Stones weren’t that bad.

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