Bob Bennett Climbs Up on a Cross, Demands Nails

I may have solved the mystery of the missing Mojave cross, I think Senator Bob Bennett stole it to martyr himself on it. Here, he whines about how those horrible tea partiers and that awful, awful Club for Growth conspired to drive him from office.

I don’t wanna sound queer or nothing, but get over yourself girlfriend. Your problem isn’t the tea parties, per se, but that you are a 76 year old hack politician. And the conservative right — unlike the braindead, Jon-Stewart adoring, Obama fanboy left — gets it that old hack politicians are incapable of dealing with the massive challenges our country faces. While the left-wing elites that run the media fret and spew about the loss of hack politicians, the middle of the country is cheering.

Get off the cross, Bob... we need the wood

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