Bill Gates, Climate Change Supervillain

Yeah, if you had $7 billion, I suppose you could spend it fighting illiteracy, you could build housing for the homeless, you could spend it providing health care for the indigent…

… or you could use it to build a fleet of ships to sail the world’s oceans emitting giant artificial clouds to stop Manbearpig, as Bill Gates is planning to do.

Boffins want to curb climate change by building a $7bn fleet of 1,900 ships to crisscross the oceans as each sucks up ten tons of seawater per second and blasts it a kilometer into the sky to create clouds to absorb sunlight and cool the earth. And Bill Gates is funding them.

I am wondering, are those ship’s nuclear powered, solar-powered, or wind-powered? Surely they don’t burn anything that emits hydrocarbons.

My guess is that Bill Gates (also known as the Supervillain, Dr. Bluescreen) is really only going to fund the initial scientific study, and then demand that taxpayers finance the rest while investing in cloud-ship companies with Al Gore and John Kerry.

I think I saw something like this on The Simpsons once


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