The Environmental Left Needs to Grow the Hell Up

The Huffington Post has a reliably insipid headline: Large Air Spill At Wind Farm. No Threats Reported. Some Claim To Enjoy The Breeze. And lefty blogger Matt Yglesias suggests all of our energy problems can be solved by taxing the rich and building more socialist-style mass transit systems for the proles to use.

Typical that while thinking adults are approaching our energy challenges with reason and analysis, the left is making snark. The Huffington Hippies may not be able to deal with reality, but we can.

And the reality is that we are going to require oil for the forseeable future. Maybe there will be some breakthrough — algae-based hydrocarbon production looks promising, but even if an energy breakthrough took place tomorrow it would take decades to fully implement. The reality is, no one wants to pay $20 a gallon for gasoline and the only people who want to be fully dependent on public transportation are the poor stupid bastards who live in New York City. And the reality is that extracting oil from the Earth is a dirty process. We can make the process as clean and safe as possible — and overall we actually do a pretty good job of it — but accidents will still happen. Yeah, it sucks that there was an oil spill in the gulf. And we should do what we can to clean up the mess. And if we learn ways to make drilling safer as a result, we should implement them. But should we shut down civilization out of sheer guilt?

We have to accept the compromise; we can’t enjoy a modern, industrial, technology-based lifestyle and have an environment clean enough to perform brain surgery in.

Adults accept this reality. We don’t play “Let’s pretend windpower is completely environmentally benign and can meet all of our current and projected needs so let’s shut down all oil drilling forever and save the polar bears, too.” If only the progressive left would grow the hell up.

A nice place to visit, a poor place to base an energy policy on

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One response to “The Environmental Left Needs to Grow the Hell Up

  1. alanstorm

    A point to consider, for all the “open-minded” lefties out there:

    During WWII (which was fought for oil in large part, at least on the Japanese side), one of the biggest targets on both sides was oil tankers. more oil was spilled in the oceans during those years than in all the drilling accidents since.

    And, lo and behold, we still have marine life today. Amazing!

    So please, dial back the rhetoric on this. Yes, it’s bad. No, it’s not “unprecedented”. Deal with it , learn from it, and move on. You know like an adult.

    /rant off

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