No Chris Christies in Michigan

Cut the budget or the bunny gets it... oh, wait, there's no gun.

Three of the Republican candidates to replace hapless Berkeley Marxist Jennifer Granholm as Michigan’s governor held a debate last weekend, and I’d like to tell you they presented exciting, visionary solutions for that state’s desperate problems.

I’d like to tell that, but I can’t. Instead, we got bland, warmed over notions about tax cuts, spending more money on “higher education,” and a promise to sign legislation making Michigan a right-to-work state if it every reaches the governor’s desk… which it won’t.

Meanwhile, California GOP goobernatorial candidate Meg Whitman hosts an infomercial stacked with political hacks and planted questions. (Below the break)

Hat Tip: Sondra K

Well, stacked audiences and planted questions worked for Obama.

(The check from the Zionist-Halliburton-Murdoch cabal was late this week, so I’m bashing Republicans.)


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