Economics Has a Right-Wing Bias

Contrary to those ridiculous commercials about what a great place California is to do business, actual CEOs rate California the worst place in the USA to do business.

Would you like to know what the other bottom five states are? I am so glad you asked. The worst states in the USA to do business are California, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and Massachusetts.

I know, how can this be, right? All of those states use the Progressive Success Model: High taxes coupled with lavish “government services” (i.e. welfare). Progressives tell us that lavish spending on government services brings success because… according to progressive economic theory, the most skilled and creative people in the workforce love having their income confiscated to subsidize bureaucrats and other social parasites. Those states should, according to progressive economics, be the best places in the USA to do business.

According to the same survey, the best states to do business are Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Nevada, and Virginia. How can that be? Two of those states don’t even have a state income tax.

The only way this can possibly be right is if everything progressives claim to believe about economics is wrong.

The world's second-worst economic theory.


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