The Global Warming Con Job

Con Man

Most of us are taught at an early age if something is too good to be true, it probably is. We don’t believe you can eat anything you want and still lose weight.We don’t believe you can get rich while working at home for just four hours a week. We know these things are scams and con jobs.

It occurred to me while watching this <a href=””>video of a dingbat Global Warming cultist in an ugly blouse whine that Cap and Trade just isn’t enough</a> that the Global Warming Hoax had<a href=””&gt; all the classic marks of a con-job</a> from the very beginning.
Confidence tricks exploit typical human qualities such as greed, dishonesty, vanity, honesty, compassion, credulity and naïveté. The common factor is that the mark relies on the good faith of the con artist.</blockquote>

One of the tricks of the con-artist is to tell the mark exactly what the mark wants to hear. Isn’t it a remarkable coincidence that the villains in the Global Warming Scam — western capitalism, oil companies, “polluters” — are the same people the left has hated since Al Gore was just another chubby rich kid growing up in the Fairfax Hotel. Isn’t it just as remarkable that the “solution” to Global Warming involves giving the left’s heroes — environmentalists — absolute control over the people they hate?

The Global Warming con artists exploit leftist vanity by giving them the most important mission of all — saving the world. They exploit the naivete of the leftist mark by telling them that climate change has never happened before and it’s all because of CO2. They exploit compassion by including a massive transfer of wealth from the advanced world to the third world in their “solution.”  They exploit the credulity of the leftist mark by telling them climate is too complex to understand, and they have to trust the scientists.

That’s where the shills come in.

<blockquote> The confidence trickster often works with one or more accomplices called shills, who help manipulate the mark into accepting the con man’s plan. </blockquote>

This is where James Hansen at NASA and the recently busted scienticians at the East Anglia CRU come into play. They give a veneer of legitimacy to the lies spread by the con artists.

And like a classic pyramid scheme, those who get in early and promote the scheme … Al Gore, for example … stand to become very, very wealthy as trillions of dollars in carbon credits and completely unnecessary investments in “green technology” flow into the companies they have set up to profit from the hoax. Everybody else takes it in the shorts.



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9 responses to “The Global Warming Con Job

  1. The Doktor

    Regarding the ”Story of Stuff” Anti-Capitalist rant; So many people regarded this video as ”TRUTH” and commented in their usual moonbat way so I left these remarks on YouTube:

    What a worthless POS & Organization (Annie Leonard of Greenpeace and ‘Story of Stuff’ – Financed by the U.S. Government and the TIDES foundation. [George Soros]) and Leftist anti-Capitalist brainwashing video. Moonbats! Look up into the daytime sky and see the cause of Climate Change. It’s called ”The Sun”.

    And CO2 IS NOT a Greenhouse Gas just because some idiot who wants to make money off of it (and an Oscar and a Nobel Peace (?) Prize – both of which have proved their worthlessness long ago) says that it is. Water Vapor is the biggest Greenhouse Gas (and algore is the biggest Gas Bag). And CO2 (Carbon) in the Atmosphere makes up .003% or 300 parts per million. The ”claims” are that an increase of 30% CO2 will ”cause” Global Warming – now, conveniently called Climate Change. We could double it and still not make a dent in the ”Climate” or temperatures.

    It is the height of arrogance (more than Hussein!) to imaging that humans can affect the atmosphere, warming, cooling, or Organizations from awarding mass stupidity. There are over 31,000 scientists that have signed a petition AGAINST this mass stupidity. Of course, it is ignored by the State Controlled Media and the ”scientists” that are making money off of the sheep of the world – you dumbass Leftists.

    Since all of the ”proof” that the IPCC and algore and Mann (Mr. Hockey stick – now a Hussein ”Czar”) have used has been known to be bogus FOR YEARS, asking anyone to prove Climate Change is not happening is ignorant of the face of it.

    Ahhhh, talking sense to the Ignorant Masses is a waste of time. Hey, believe what you want. Just don’t drag this propagandist crap into our schools to scare the crap out of gernerations of possible young Socialists.

  2. The Doktor

    I can’t post this to the YouTube ”Story of Stuff” video because I reached some sort of commenting ”limit”. But it’s got great, common sense stuff from the guy who got the, now Leftist, Weather Channel started:

    Doktor Denied

  3. Democrats never have to answer the difficult questions about data validity and scientific manipulation (actually, they have to look those words up).

    The accomplices in the formerly main stream media cover up for them by never demanding real data or investing the time to understand.

  4. Cylar


    Hey there. I just now got around to revisiting Gregory’s site and noticed your response to my comments on the despicable (successful) bribery of Mary Landrieu (D-LA).

    Thanks. It’s good to “be back.” I’ve enjoyed your comments as well.

    I haven’t posted here much in the last few months (or even visited the site) because it seemed like Gregory wasn’t writing here much anymore. His efforts were apparently focused on his 2nd home over at

    I quit reading moonbattery because I got sick and tired of the left-wing trolls over there: “hey you guys”, Lao, Ghost of Wellstone, and the other morons who show up to throw feces on a daily basis.

    It’s tiresome to scroll through the comment sections of someone’s blog and have to try to manually filter-out a bunch of garbage from self-righteous left-wingers. “Oh no no, it’s not like that…Obama is going to save us all, or at least he could, if only you hateful right-wing extremists would get out of the way..”

    I haven’t been back to moonbattery since the new registration system was implemented (thus ending the anonymous comments and name-hijacking) but I doubt that the liberal-troll problem has gotten any better.

    I don’t find much of that crap here, save for that one incident back in mid august where some self-righteous moron named Golden-something kept arguing with the regulars here.

    If I wanted left-wing commentary, I know where to find it: on pretty much any of the alphabet-soup networks or in any big-city daily. I don’t need it on my favorite blogs, too.

    It looks like I was wrong about one thing – Gregory still posts here. I’ll be back.

    Good to “see you” as well, Doktor. Keep up the good work.

  5. shimauma

    jsut found your site, very funny, gonna have to subscribe now. TEH RESITANCE!!!

  6. DGA

    Hello? What happened to you, you quit posting months ago, just wondering….

  7. I really miss you. Please, PLEASE come back!
    You’re blog is way to awesome for the world to do

  8. Are you proud of me?

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