Progressive Leftists and the Wisdom of Twilight Fans

A progressive leftist group called “Answer” is based at Rutgers University and is devoted to the cause of promoting teen promiscuity. “Answer” produces a magazine called “Sex, Etc” aimed at teenagers. It is distributed in public libraries over the objections of parents. Answer‘s websites includes a comic strip called “I Am Horny” about a frustrated bisexual girls as well as quizzes on orgasms and oral sex aimed at kids 12 and up.

Answer justifies their cause by saying, “teens are responsible decision makers.”

Consider that sentence for a moment. “Teens are responsible decision makers?” Really? Then, why is the drinking age 21? There’s something severely detached from reality in people who believe that “teens are responsible decision makers,” but adults can not be allowed to make their own health care decisions.

Also, how is it liberals argue on the one hand, “Teens are going to have sex anyway, so we should accommodate them by giving them all the information they want,” but on the other hand, “Smoking is harmful, and so we have to do everything possible to discourage teens from smoking.” This includes making cigarettes difficult to obtain and severely restricting tobacco advertising. But birth control and pronography are freely available. Are the health consequences of smoking worse than the consequences of STD’s or unplanned pregnancies?

Liberals use television and film to encourage politically correct attitudes on environmentalism, racial attitudes, animal rights, and whatever other cause is trendy. Many loftily claim that the got into the media business in order “to make people think,” or even, “to change the world,” because they think their words and images can create messages that affect behavior; they sell billions in advertising based on this theory. Yet, at the same time, they insist that saturating media with adolescent sexual imagery has no effect on teenage behavior. You’re not allowed to depict a Muslim as a terrorist, or a black man as a criminal because they claim that imagery would affect people’s attitudes. But they can show teenagers and twenty-somethings having promiscuous, consequence-free sex and claim it won’t influence people’s behavior.

Because “teens are responsible decision makers.”



Teenagers are responsible decision-makers.


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2 responses to “Progressive Leftists and the Wisdom of Twilight Fans

  1. Jennifer

    Yeah, so, let’s just leave them in the dark entirely about sex, so that when they go through puberty they know nothing about how to protect themselves, have sex, get knocked up, and then drop out of school with no life, no future, and the same backwards thinking to pass on to THEIR kids.

    Nooo thank-you. I agree that teens aren’t “responsible” decision makers, but I do think they respond to honest and open dialogue. Families SHOULD openly and honestly talk about sex with their children when the questions first start coming. My father answered any and all questions I had about sex, including the emotional repercussions, but never told me when to have it, only to make sure I was safe and ready. He went so far as to say that if I was THINKING about having sex, he would take me to the doctor to get me on the pill, and buy condoms for me himself. I didn’t have sex until I was 20 (protected), and never did more than kiss until I was 18.

    Unfortunately, not all parents provide this information and support for their children. I would prefer they found out this way, rather than through their friends (who know nothing) or the nothing sex-education they receive at school, if they get it at all. Nothing “promotes” teen promiscuity, you said yourself it’s just the image of black crime that’s represented, it doesn’t spike black crime.

    Studies actually show that little influences teens either way about their decision to actually sex, but silence sure as hell promotes teen pregnancy, teen parenthood, teen abortion and so forth. And talk about consequence-free sex! I agree with you there! Everywhere I turn there is a TV show or movie about teenagers getting pregnant, going through with it, and turning out just fine, sometimes even fairy-tale like (Twilight, Juno, Secret Life.) Juno actually makes-fun of condoms in the movie, and Bella has a half vampire baby rip through her body, killing her. But oh-wait! Edward makes her into a vampire, their child matures at a supernatural rate so they don’t have to raise it, and everyone lives happily ever after forever.

    If this is the “liberal” media, I really really fear for our country. Studies have also shown that teens who have abortions go on to have safer sex, be more successful, lead more fulfilling lives, and are overall less depressed than teens who continue with the pregnancy, even those who give the child up for adoption. As a liberal, where are my movies about safe sex and messages about abortion as a positive life choice? Some liberal media.

    I plan to raise my child (when I CHOOSE to have one) with the same honesty policy my parents raised me with. That way I know that at the very least, my child is being safe, and knows that they can come to me for support, emotional or physical. I have found, through all the back and forth-ing on this issue throughout my young life, that those who are against abortion do nothing to stop it, and those for it are the only ones – eagerly – offering solutions to the problem that WORK, such as sex education, better birth control, and open, honest communication about sex. You put teens out there with their two top priorities being 1. have sex and 2. to do whatever you tell them not to, and then you don’t give them any way to protect themselves? I think the outcome should be almost *expected.*

    And for the record, I think the campaigns against smoking are ridiculous. Don’t make it look cool, don’t pay attention to it at all, just educate your child about it. But I will say that in the long run, cigarettes kill, whereas safe sex is a healthy part of every adult life. Or should be. If we stopped being so sexually repressed, we would be more vocal about sex, which would lead to being better informed, which would lead to being safer, which would lead to being happier. The key isn’t to stop teens from having sex, it’s to make sure their bodies and their views on sex are safe and healthy. You make sure this is the case for every other aspect of their life, why not sex, something so, SO fundamental to our being.

  2. Warum sollte man so reagieren ? Es gibt auch andere Moeglichkeiten eine Loesung für dieses Problem zu finden.

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