Sexy Action School News 11-19-2009

Good Morning Patriots and Left-Wing Creepers Who Think Trees Are Precious But Babies Can Be Chopped and Discarded for Convenience,

Item Number One: The New Obama White House Counsel, Bob Bauer (husband of Mao-Worshiping Mr. Ed impersonator Anita Dunn) once filed a complaint with the Justice Department insisting that a Special Prosecutor be named to investigate John McCain for raising the issue of ACORN voter fraud. That’s right, the White House lawyer is a guy who believes in prosecuting people for being *against* voter fraud.

Another Obama White House official, challenged about billions of dollars in Stimulus money being sent to congressional districts that don’t exist, answered “who knows, man, who really knows?” He went on to say, “Have you ever looked at your hands, man. I mean… really REALLY looked at your hands?” (Hat Tip: Anonymous Countermoonbat)

Item Number Two: MSDNC’s medical reporter Nancy Snyderman says “Hey, don’t worry about not getting a breast exam. Health Care Rationing is no different than dieting.” Except that Jenny Craig doesn’t want you to suffer a horrible, disfiguring death so she can claim deficit reduction.

BTW, Jesse Jackson says you’re not a real Black Man unless you want the government to provide you with medical welfare.

Item Number Three: IBM researchers have built a computer that simulates a cat’s brain. Everything was going fine until the computer horked all over the rug. Researchers had previously been successful replicating less sophisticated minds, including those of a mouse, a rat, a cockroach, and an average Obama voter.

And Now, Dancing Pandas


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