Far Left Judge Overturned 3x on the Same Case

In case you are wondering what kind of legal shenanigans await as the terrorist mass-murderer Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is tried in a civilian court that usually handles tax evaders and insider traders, here’s a foretaste. Far-left whackjob Ninth Circuit Judge Stephen Reinhardt (a Jimmy Carter appointee) has just been overturned by the Supreme Court on a death penalty case … for the third time.

The murderer Reinhardt is going to bat for over and over again bludgeoned a woman to death with a dumb-bell and left her to die (she was still fighting for life when paramedics arrived) in order to steal $100 in beer and drug money. An AIDS-ridden cockroach is making better use of my oxygen than this piece of filth. And every time he overturns the death penalty, Reinhardt finds a completely different justification. In one appeal, he said that the piece of human filth was well represented by his defense counsel. In the next appeal, he claims defense counsel was inadequate. First, he says that sufficient evidence was presented at trial. Then, he claims mitigating evidence was left out.

Why is the progressive left all about trying to make life easier for brutal criminals, and harder for law-abiding taxpayers? Maybe Obama can just pardon the piece of filth and get him a job with ACORN.

Has Reinhardt considered the Chewbacca Defense?

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