Morning Briefs

Item Number One: As one would expect in a government run by a Chicago Street Thug, there’s much shadiness in the distribution of Government money. A cursory review of money dispensed through the Stimulus (a.k.a. “Debt-Financed DNC Slush Fund”) shows millions of dollars are being spent in Congregational Districts that don’t exist. Listings at the Recovery-dot-gov website show millions have been dispensed to the 9th and 86th Congressional District (CD) of Arizona which do not exist, the 42nd CD of Connecticut which does not exist, and to districts in Iowa and Oklahoma which also do not exist.

Oh, and the OMB has admitted that a lot of the jobs they were bragging about creating and saved were totally made up, too.

Item Number Two: The Government of Iran has declared that the enemies of its nuclear program have been defeated, and they are pushing full-speed ahead to nuclear armament. I guess they weren’t as impressed with the crease in Obama’s pants as David Brooks was.

Item Number Three
: It used to be the the best minds came to the USA for opportunity, and capital followed them. But as the USA becomes increasingly over-regulated and over-taxed, the appeal of doing business here diminishes. It’s getting so bad under the Obamunists that entrepreneurs and venture capitalists would rather seek their fortunes in China and India than here. That’s just plain sad.

I'm gonna drink cough syrup until Obama's economic plan makes sense.


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