Lefty Palin Critic Doesn’t Do Her Homework

In a rare effort at “balance,” the Washington Post assigned conservative Matthew Continetti of the Weekly Standard and liberal dingbat Ana Marie Cox of Air America radio to each write review of Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue. Apparently, the dingbat didn’t even need to read the book in order to write a review that unsurprisingly consisted almost entirely of snarky Sarah-bashing.

I cannot claim to have completely read “Going Rogue” — I had to skim the last 150 pages (or more than one-third).

Pretty typical for a lefty. They already know their opinions, don’t annoy them with facts or expect them to actually investigate the things they bash. (And i would reckon the truth is she only skimmed the first 150 pp and completely blew off the rest) Showing another typical leftist trait — complete lack of self-awareness — the blogger who achieved “fame” by writing a blog consisting of nothing but sexual innuendos about political figures accuses Palin of being “all flash and no substance.”

I found myself thinking yesterday,”What if Sarah Palin had said no,” when McCain asked her to be vice president; as she should have. Before the left hit her with everything they had, she was a popular and successful governor. If she had said no, she could have avoided the smear campaign and avoided the frivolous ethics charges that ultimately left her with a choice between resigning as governor or declaring bankruptcy. She would have had more time to prepare herself for the national stage and could have emerged in 2012 or 2016 as a very potent national candidate.

Perhaps her fatal mistake was hitching her star to the cranky, decrepit gasbag John McCain. On the other hand, a $5,000,000 book deal and big money on the lecture circuit isn’t too bad either. Sarah Palin is still far more accomplished and successful than most of the people snarking about how stupid she is… and that includes David Brooks and Ana Marie Cox.

Left-wing idiots froth at the mention of her name.

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One response to “Lefty Palin Critic Doesn’t Do Her Homework

  1. Barry

    As a frothy left-wing idiot, I can attest to my disdain for Sarah Palin. It’s interesting that your post lashes out at writers who critique Palin, but fails to engage any substantive claim made against her.

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