Churches Going to Teh Dawgs

(Cross-Posted at Moonbattery)


Since the late 1960’s, mainline protestant denominations in the USA have been declining (while evangelical churches are thriving). The old-school churches have watered down the gospel and, in many cases, have become little more than daycare and social activity centers with a vaguely Christian theme. These churches become ever more secularized, and wonder why their congregations are elderly and declining.

A few churches think they’ve found the answer: Dogs.

Every week, Covenant Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles holds “Canines at Covenant,” a service for dogs and their owners, featuring dog treats, dog beds, prayers for pets and even special music, such as “GoD and DoG.”

A church in Austin, TX is offering a similar service. I don’t think this is an occasion for “outrage,” it’s more an occasion for “point and laugh.” And I get the argument that anything that gets people into church is good. But when I hear people say things like, “dogs are my children,” I think their values are misplaced. In most cases, people ought to count more than animals (although I’ll make exceptions for Nadal Hasan, Bernie Madoff, and Bill Maher).

Not that kind of dog.


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