I Created or Saved 11 Jobs This Morning

Really. By using the precise methodology used by the Obama Administration to determine the impact of the Stimulus, I can demonstrate that I created or saved 11 jobs this morning.

I got out of bed, turned on the lights, evacuated, and showered. (+3 jobs saved, 1 at the power company, 1 at the water works, 1 guy at the toilet paper factory.)

I signed on and posted to this blog, saving another job at my ISP. I checked my Facebook, too, saving another job there. I put my trash out, saving 2 more jobs at Waste Management. (+4 jobs)

On the way to work, I stopped to pick up Vitamin Water: 2 jobs saved, for the stocker and the cashier. (If I had used the self checkout, I would have only saved 1 job.) Before going into my office, I dropped of my Neflix movies, saving a job at USPS and a job at Netflix.  (+4)

At this rate, I’ll have saved 35 jobs by the time I get home tonight. Yea, me!

If I didn’t have to work, I could save even more jobs.


"I terkerjerbs!"



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8 responses to “I Created or Saved 11 Jobs This Morning

  1. Papa Ray

    I’m retired, but save about 50-75 jobs a day on the average.

    And that is not even trying.

    Papa Ray
    Central Texas

  2. Hey! Me too! Thanks for helping me see the light. In fact I’ll leave oll my lights on today when I leave to ensure that guy at the power company keeps his job.

  3. The Doktor

    In order to save more jobs I’m gonna wait for the paid “Volunteer Corps” to come and rake my leaves. Oh, I forgot, the paid volunteers are in SEIU and ACORN – both paid for by our taxes to bring violence to peaceful demonstrations and to “create” votes for the Democrats. My bad.

    Where’s my rake?

    Doktor Disruptor

  4. Cylar

    Doktor Disruptor?

    Sounds like something I’d expect to find in the sickbay aboard a Romulan Warbird.

  5. The Doktor


    Or in a can or Hormel Chili.

    Doktor Breakwind

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