Chairman Zero Hates It When You Check His Math

People who can do math are really grinding Chairman Zero’s gears lately. Last week, the White House was angered when peons began questioning the 640,000 jobs the White House claimed “created or saved” by the Spendulus. Even CBS and AP have noted the gross over-inflation of jobs numbers; and have uncovered shenanigans like the school that spent $200,000 to buy trucks and a portable classroom, and reported 280 jobs created or saved.

Even though the 640,000 figure was ridiculed, the White House upped the ante by claiming that it was actually 1,000,000 jobs created or saved. People who can do math noted that even if the $160 Billion of the Spendulus spent in the first nine months were divided by the grossly exaggerated White House figure of 1,000,000 jobs “created or saved” it worked out to $160,000 per job. The White House has responded by accusing those who can perform long division of “calculator abuse.” Funny, when I was a kid, “calculator abuse” consisted of typing out 58008 and turning it over so it spelled “BOOBS.” “Boobs” is also a pretty accurate description of the Obama Economic Team.

These are the same guys who laughably claim that ObamaCare will be “deficit neutral.”

Being a Democrat means never having to learn math.

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One response to “Chairman Zero Hates It When You Check His Math

  1. The Doktor

    Their math skills are mostly anal in content. They pull the figures out of their butts.

    Doktor Procto

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