Why Not?

I noted yesterday on Moonbattery an article about a Swiss company that’s releasing a skin cream enriched with cells developed from an aborted baby boy. I find this sickening. I find unconvincing the argument that the contents of the cream aren’t actually obtained from aborted babies but from cells made from the cells of an aborted baby to be unpersuasive. Just I find the claim that fetal cells are being used to help burn victims unpersuasive. Josef Mengele froze Jews to death to find better treatments for hypothermia.  Does the end justify the means there?

One troll, in defending the Swiss company, wrote: “Do you really believe they would have fetus farms in Switzerland?”

Which led me to wonder, what would be the leftist objection to “Fetus Farms” if someone decided to build one? Unborn babies are not considered human, which is what justifies abortion. You can kill an unborn baby at any stage in pregnancy. So, it follows, you can do whatever you want to an unborn baby. (And we have a Science Czar who argues that even young children don’t count as people until they have been “socialized.”)

So, can anyone explain to me why if abortion at any stage in pregnancy is all right; if partial birth abortion is all right;  if harvesting fetal tissues for commercial medical benefit is all right,  it would be wrong to raise fetuses as organ banks?


I wonder if the fetal-cell skin cream has one of those "Not tested on animals" labels.



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