Alan Grayson Screws Gay Couple

Democrat Congressman Alan “Dick” Grayson has rapidly established a reputation as a loose-cannon nutjob, what with accusing Republicans of wanting people to die, claiming Dick Cheney’s fangs drip blood, and calling women who work for the Treasury Department “whores.”  But beneath the brash, in your face exterior lurks an opportunistic, self-centered publicity hound, which brings us to the case of the gay couple that learned too late about the real Dick Grayson.

But mainly, I’m posting this story only so I can use that threadline.

Today comes word of an even more damning story. A gay couple down in Florida was facing foreclosure. ACORN and Alan Grayson rallied to their cause.

Cheyenne Bowers and his partner David Paxton thought they had gained a valuable ally.

They were in a fight to save their home. He thought a pledge from an eager incoming freshman congressman to help them out through numerous programs might do the trick.

The non-profit ACORN along with Grayson invited the media into Bowers and Paxton’s home to talk about fighting the foreclosure crisis, particularly fighting Bowers and Paxton’s foreclosure nightmare.

When the cameras went away, so did Alan Grayson. The foreclosure went through. The couple, in seriously bad health, were put out on the street.

There’s a moral here, and I think the moral is “BUTTSECKS: DO NOT WANT.” No, wait, actually, it’s, “Rely on yourself, not on liberal politicians.”


The Mortgage Crisis has left millions homoless.



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3 responses to “Alan Grayson Screws Gay Couple

  1. Typical liberal. Obama did that this week when he went to see a plane of some of our fallen troops return home in caskets. It was obviously a photo op but do we all think that he cares about the troops? No.

  2. Karin

    Well, you certainly hit the nail on the head with the moral of the story. Remember during the 08 campaign, that woman in Florida who thought her mortgage and gas would be paid for by Obama? She said “If I help him, he’ll help me, right?”

    Stupid asshats. Don’t people ever learn? Aren’t we programmed to get a little cynical over time, based on experience?

  3. Cylar

    Stupid asshats. Don’t people ever learn? Aren’t we programmed to get a little cynical over time, based on experience?

    You would think so, but some people are so enamored with the idea of “something for nothing” that idealism trumps experience.

    You have to remember the way liberals view government – as a be-all, end-all, whose job it is to take care of individuals, funded by that magic room full of cash that the evil Republicans keep trying to lock.

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