Real Stimulus

Obama is out flagging his failed Stimulus, bragging about how it is creating jobs … except for the 17 million American who are out of work. And the Democrats are considering yet another Spendulus.

One Republican alternative to the spendulus was to suspend the personal income tax fox six months to one year (which would actually have cost *less* than the spendulus). I send somewhere North of $3,000 a month into DC. If I had had $18,000 of extra income this year, I could have…

"Hey! That idea would Giverbackerjerbs!"

"Hey! That idea would Giverbackerjerbs!"

  • Done two significant home improvement projects, employing not only contractors, but those who supplied the contractors with materials, or
  • Paid off my car and my student loans, raising my disposable income for the next three years, or
  • Bought more guns, consumer electronics, clothes, furniture, and/or other goods that would have generated retail and production jobs. Any of which would have generated jobs.

Imagine the effect multiplied by 200,000,000.



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3 responses to “Real Stimulus

  1. This is just another of the administration’s silly attempts to get the economy going again.

    Historically, the ONLY thing that has worked to jump start an economy is lowering taxes for all. This allows creation of long term wealth. Instead, we’ve allowed Obama to steal from our children’s future.

    Better buy those guns now though… that will be one more thing the DC lefties have in mind to steal from you.

  2. listing starboard

    Lowering taxes helps those who actually PAY taxes by working hard. Don’t be silly, we must punish hardworking entrepenurial fiscally responsible people –its the Obama way!! Soon half the country will be stoned our of their minds every day anyway!

  3. forest

    Took our jerbs!

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