Cry “Racist!” And Let Slip the Coons of War

Tammy Bruce is a “pro-choice, gun owning, pro-death penalty, voted-for-President Bush authentic feminist,” who sometimes subs for right-wing radio diva Laura Ingraham. Like most sane people, Tammy Bruce woke up to the news that President Dumdum had won the Nobel Peace Prize and thought it was a The Onion gag. And she blogged about it in a post titled “I Just Opened a Box of Cracker Jack. Guess What the Prize Was?

“[T]he new prize in the box of Cracker Jack is, that’s right, the Nobel Peace Prize!”

It was accompanied by this photo of ‘Rocky,’ a raccoon that has taken up residence outside her Los Angeles home.


Naturally, leftist heads began popping like so many balloons.

Really? A coon? Is this where we’re at now? Because this sort of stuff isn’t coded speech, it’s not a dog whistle or faux-irony … it’s flat-out, no-apologies, bottom-of-the-barrel, peckerwood racism. Coming from a supposedly mainstream, ‘mugged-by-reality’ class of political commentator.

Alas, there remains no cure for stupid.

How do you like me now, Sadly No?

How do you like me now, Sadly No?


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4 responses to “Cry “Racist!” And Let Slip the Coons of War

  1. Oh man I love Tammy!
    Obamas presidency has not brought anyone together as promised. He is perhaps the most polarizing president to date and racial divides have only widened. No one can critisize this clown without someone in the peripheral media or someone in his own administration slapping down a larger than life race card. I think were all getting sick of it.
    The party that promotes the minimum wage and Rowe v Wade both have a more profound effect on African-Americans than whites.

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  3. yoyo

    oh right? and the witchdoctors posters had NOTHING to do with race? Come on put your hand up and be strong. If it is soooo important to you to have a white male leader be man enough to say so.

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