Diversity Is Strength Is Crap

“Diversity is strength,” the left likes to chant. “America’s greatness comes from our diversity,” they chant.  Some would argue that the freedom to allow anyone to go as far and as high as their hard work, talent, and ambition can take them is at the heart of our success as a nation. The left says, no, our success as a nation depends on bean-counting to make sure people of different skin colors, sexes, sexual orientations, mental disorders, or whatever, are equally represented.

But at the same time, the left is giddy over the thought of the United States being reduced to a second-rate power by China, a country that demands rigid conformity and is rather devoid of racial diversity.  (And as anyone who spent time in  China will attest, their attitudes toward blacks make David Duke look like Alan Alda.)

Which would tend to make one suspect that this diversity thing may not really be the key to national greatness after all. Or, at least, that the left doesn’t really believe that BS.

India, on the other hand, is very diverse culturally, ethnically, and religiously. But, as a democracy, it is not nearly so admired by the left. In fact, as Hillary and Joe Biden have shown us, cracking ethnic jokes at the expense of the subcontinent is perfectly acceptable.

There aren't a lot of black people in China.

There aren't a lot of black people in China.



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2 responses to “Diversity Is Strength Is Crap

  1. Cylar

    Lots of countries are a lot more racially homogenous than the US is. A lot of these same countries have serious problems with discrimination against minorities of different colors, even today.

    Hell, it goes beyond mere color. There are dozens of countries around the globe where wars are raging right now between people of different ethnicities or religions. These people kill one another over decades-old or generations-old disputes, and oftentimes all of the combatants would look alike to you and I here in America.

  2. yoyo

    sorry you missed the point that even “homogenous ” china can cope with the non-han minority, whereas you guys seem to feel like any form of accomodation is a betrayal of sheet wearing relatives.

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