Most Psychobabble Is Crap

Cracked magazine presents an interesting survey of six commonly believed psychobabble truths, and why they’re all crap.

6. “If You Let Your Anger Out, You’ll Feel Better!”

5. “Just Believe in Yourself, and You’ll Succeed!”

4. “Cult Members are Stupid, Gullible Sheep!”

3. “Advertisers Use Subliminal Messages to Make Us Do Things!”

2. Lie Detector Tests Work

1. Homophobes are secretly gay

Number Five is the really destructive.  “Progressive” educators have preached for years that kids had to have “self-esteem” in order to succeed, so they worked overtime working to get kids who were otherwise losers to feel good about themselves. It actually makes the problem worse:

Research shows kids who have an inflated sense of self-worth become aggressive when their sense of superiority is called into question.

In other words: Loser + Self Esteem = Bully.

Not a good way to deal with internalized homophobia, dude.

Not a good way to deal with internalized homophobia, dude.



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2 responses to “Most Psychobabble Is Crap

  1. Cylar

    Most of “Cracked” magazine is crap. Their writers can’t make it through a single sentence without resorting to profanity. I know they think peppering their speech with this makes them “edgy” and “cool,” but I couldn’t disagree more. I don’t recall its competitor, MAD, being like this.

    I don’t spend much time on their site anymore, except maybe to read one or two articles, and then maybe once a month if that. Most of what they write under the guise of “humor,” is actually bigoted towards Christians and/or conservatives, depressing, or just plain not-funny.

    That said, once in a great while “Cracked” actually makes a worthwhile point, and this appears to be one of those times.

  2. Cylar

    Hey, Gregory!

    I’ve been reading your posts over at Moonbattery, and they never fail to impress. Good work.

    May I make a suggestion? If you have any pull with the site administrators, I’d like you to make a suggestion.

    If someone wants to leave a comment, have someone rig the site so that it forces them to use a moniker of some kind. I’m tired of reading comments posted by “anonymous.” It makes it difficult, impossible even, to know who said what or to direct one’s response appropriately.

    90% of the time, the “anonymous” postings are authored by moonbat trolls anyway.

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