The Public Option Is Already Here

The Obamacrats are adamant that their Health Care “Reforms” include a “robust public option.” Supposedly, its inclusion will promote “choice” and “keep the insurance companies honest.” It will do nothing of the sort. There are already over 1,300 available private options for health insurance. The only way one more makes any difference is if it can undercut and displace the private choices because it is by taxpayers subsidized.

There is already an example of how the “public option” works in the real world; our public education system is the “public option” for education.  Yes, there are private alternatives, but they are costly. And the elites do everything they can to keep ordinary families from accessing them, by blocking voucher programs for examples. In this way, they keep the best for themselves while sentencing everyone else to second-rate service.

What else can we learn from the public education option?

How many times does it have to be demonstrated that anything “public” is more expensive yet qualitatively inferior to its private counterpart? Public housing. Public restroom. Public transportation. Public education. Public option. Public might as well be a synonym for “sucktacular.”

Welcome to public school. Sucks, doesn't it?

Welcome to public school. Sucks, doesn't it?



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2 responses to “The Public Option Is Already Here

  1. Cylar

    I’ve talked to educators – some within my own family – who get pretty upset with me when I point out the mediocre performance of public education in the US, as compared to other developed nations.

    Much to my frustration, they seem to take personally any criticism of the system. I get a bunch of tripe about how other countries don’t have to deal with such an ethnically diverse population (bull – Germany, France, and the UK have plenty of immigrants), or how the regulations they have to follow are partially responsible (admittedly true, but included in my indictment of the system).

    Out here in California, a number of years ago there was a ballot initiative which would have converted every public school in the state to a voucher-redemption center, allowing citizens to send their children to the school of their choice. The education establishment went bananas (including these family members) and launched a massive campaign to defeat the initiative. As you might guess, it included scare tactics about how any crackpot was now going to get his hands on public education dollars by opening a “school.” Better to let the existing structure handle it, where we have “standards,” I was told.

    Standards. Pffft. You mean the standards that are allowing our kids to get the crap kicked out of them on standardized tests, by kids from Eastern European and Asian countries that most Americans can’t even find on a map?

  2. Cylar

    Oh, and of course, the voucher initiative went down in flames. It goes to show how powerful the teachers’ unions are in this state.

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