The Facebook Hillbilly Beats the Teleprompter Messiah

Dear Reader corralled up Congress so he could make his big pitch for Government Health Care. (Why force Congress to listen to a speech if no one’s allowed to question him? It seems imperious and undemocratic to me, but I digress.) It failed to move the needle. So, Dear Reader went on five different TV networks to repeat his, by now, increasingly stale talking points, and only succeeded in making himself look like a jackass when challenged with the dictionary definition of tax increase. (BTW, the thing Dear Reader claims isn’t a tax is called a tax in the Baucus Health Care bill.) All the King’s media and all the King’s men still can’t make Humpty Dumbass look anything like a competent president. Meanwhile, private citizen Sarah Palin eschews media appearances, and with nothing more than a few Facebook posts has had more effect on the debate over Government-Controlled Health Care. Obamacrats hated her for labeling government efforts to discourage life-extending care ‘Death Panels,’ but it rattled them enough to take those provisions out of the bill. And it got under Dear Reader’s skin enough that he brings up the phrase repeatedly when trashing opposition to his bill. Partly because of the objections she and talk radio have raised about its enormous cost, increased regulation, and unintended consequences, a 56% majority of the public opposes Government-Controlled Health Care. Sarah Palin accomplishes more with two Facebook posts then Dear Reader accomplishes with all the media in the world at his back. But we’re supposed to believe he’s a super-genius and she’s a dumb hillbilly.



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5 responses to “The Facebook Hillbilly Beats the Teleprompter Messiah

  1. Ah yes, we know The Won is so smart because we saw his school transcripts, oh wait. We know he’s smart because we saw all that he wrote for the Law Review, oh, wait. I know, we know he is smart because, why, exactly? He can’t talk without a teleprompter, saying things written by others.

  2. George

    I’m willing to give this Lady a chance.

    I voted for Obama. I am in repentance mode at the moment.

    But the speech of this woman in HK really struck me of my own biases. She really looked and sounded like the Real President of this country. Unlike My Chosen One spewing venoms to the World in that shameful UN conference.

    I hate wars. But I still believe in American exceptionalism. And I still know the real History of the modern Israel … that Obama lied about in his UN speech. No wonder all the communist and statist rulers of the world really love him.

    The love him …. may be …… but I’m sure they still hate us, the Americans.

    Somehow my being “independent” has cost the country too much.

    I’m willing to take side again … I’m siding with Sarah Palin.

  3. greg

    You can also contrast, because there is no comparison, Sarah Palin’s Hong Kong speech with 0bama’s UN speech, both given on the same day. Whereas 0bama once again felt compelled to apologize for American, and fill his speech with “I, me, and my,” Palin not only did not apologize for America, and Americans, she praised them. I can’t wait to see a live, face to face debate between these two. When the smoke clears, people will know just who the intellectual lightweight is, who the heavyweight hitter is.

  4. The Doktor


    Just keep breathing in and out, refuse to watch MSNBC or (GULP!!) ”The View”, and read on occasion to get a feel for reality.

    We’re all pullin’ for ya!!! Hang in there!

    Doktor Tutor Turtle

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