The Left Has An Answer for Everything

Earlier today, I had an exchange of ideas with several progressive moonbats, and I learned that the left has a well-reasoned, thought out answer to every substantive criticism of ObamaCare. I will share them with you, so that you may be enlightened, and perhaps, change your mind about government-run health care.

Conservative Criticism: Deficits over the next ten years are projected at over $10 Trillion dollars. Even if ObamaCare were deficit-neutral (and the CBO says it isn’t), it is financially irresponsible to add a new entitlement to the budget.
Progressive Answer: You’re a racist.

Conservative Concern: These new mandates and regulations will drive up the cost of insurance for middle class families, making it even costlier than it is today.
Progressive Answer: You’re a racist.

Conservative Concern: There are over 1,300 insurance plans in the United States. Why not break down the legal barriers and let them all compete nationwide? That wouldn’t cost the Government a dime.
Progressive Answer: You’re a racist.

Conservative Criticism:
If these reforms are so great, why not do them on Medicare/Medicaid first and prove they work before forcing them on the entire economy?
Progressive Response: Racist! Racist! Racist! Glenn Beck! Sarah Quitter Palin! Racist! Racist!

You get the idea…

To the progressive left, there is a simple answer to every question.

To the progressive left, there is a simple answer to every question.



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7 responses to “The Left Has An Answer for Everything

  1. Texas Tom

    So.. like… um ……. ken i bees a cracker step ‘n’ fetchit?

    What would a libtard do when faced wif a hole mess o’ white step ‘n’ fetchit types.

    Ya boss. i’s a gittin yo bromo suh. kin i duz any mo fo y’all. Doan call me racyst massah! pleez doan call me dem terble names it aint good fo yo u s of me contry suh.

  2. The Doktor

    Well, they just have to discover for themselves that they just don’t get it.

    Doktor Pucker

  3. Texas Tom

    Open letter to those who believe they know…

    Dear Confused Intellectual Vegan (liberal with no meat to their arguments):

    So you know what is racist (every conservative thought and action) and will point accusingly to the evil error when ever it is on display. Pray, enlighten me as to what is NOT racist and how do you know? Provide examples and supporting evidence.


    Post racial Racist with antidisinclined nonracial tendencies and a job.

  4. Gah, it only took an hour to find Gregory’s comments. I was about ready to tear my eyeballs out in frustration with that stupid “Madlibs” character. Freaking parrot; all it can do is repeat talking points over and over.

    Same for that sanctimonious, preachy “D” fellow nattering on about how both sides need to pull together and how they can learn so much from one another and all that crap. Hello, McFly…it’s not just the leaders of these left-wing movements. I personally know plenty of liberals (I work with a few and am related to a few more) who demonstrate their complete and utter ignorance of the issues. It’s not hyperbole to point that out, you self-righteous jerk.

    Geez. I’m tired of this “can’t we all just get along” claptrap. Short answer – NO. This is a republic and partisan politics are neither new, nor unique to the United States. It’s how business gets done here.

    Gregory’s comments are on-point, as usual, which is probably why I keep coming back to his blog again and again.

  5. My favorite comment so far:

    Get over it. America voted for Obama and we’re back on the right track after 8 years of failures.
    American Voter | 09.14.09 – 11:03 am | #

    No asswipe … you get over it. Is dissent patriotic or not? We listened to you scum say and do everything for eight years … from threatening to kill Bush to telling soldiers to kill their officers.

    You get the phuck over it. We’re here, we’re growing and we’re not going away.

    Get used ot it.

    Speaking of failures … this clown Obama has been in office eight months and every single day has been a failure.
    darwin | 09.14.09 – 11:06 am | #

  6. I sure would like this DaveMathews fellow to explain to me why if Bush’s deficit spending is bad, why Obama doing it five times harder is supposed to be a good thing.

    Around and around and around with the fricking smears about how racist and nasty us Bible-thumping homophobes are supposed to be. The guy gets his face kicked in, grabs another straw out of the broom, comes running back for more, gets his face kicked in a 2nd time. Lather rinse repeat.

    Geez. Gotta say Gregory, you and Darwin smashed the guy. Refuted every last thing he said. I noticed he couldn’t even stay on topic for two posts in a row.

  7. The Doktor


    This particular post struck quite a nerve, I see.


    Doktor Dilettante

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