Newsweek: Hurray for Death Panels

The left has gotten a bit schizophrenic in its Government mandated “End of Life Counseling” — what some have deemed ‘Death Panels.’ (Although that term refers to a much broader category of Government interference than end of life counseling.) Most versions of the legislation envision some sort of requirement that the sick and elderly be “counseled” about alternatives to life extension. The idea that these would become ‘Death Panels’ has been ridiculed by the left, who say that it’s nuts to suggest that they would want to off Grandma to save the government money.

Well, maybe not so much. Mainstream left publication Newsweek (in an article by Evan “Obama is like God” Thomas) says, Go ahead and whack Grandma, because “curbing excessive end-of-life care is good for America.”

American health care has been near miraculous—the envy of the world—in its capacity to develop new lifesaving and life-enhancing treatments. But death can be delayed only so long, and sometimes the wait is grim and degrading. The hospice ideal recognized that for many people, quiet and dignity—and loving care and good painkillers—are really what’s called for.

Now, while I agree that patients should have the option of choosing hospice care, I don’t want the Government involved in such a personal decision. The same left that gets horrified at the thought of a physician being required to present pregnant women with alternatives to abortion is totally gung-ho for government bureaucrats advising the sick and elderly to die and get out of the way. (Note: Lefties frequently “justify” abortion on the grounds that “unwanted” children are a burden to society. So, do the math and figure out how they feel about the elderly and sick.)

The current left-wing position on death panels would appear to be: “Death Panels are a horrible, wonderful idea and you racist Republicans should be ashamed for claiming they were in the bill, which they should be.” Which is actually more coherent than the usual leftist government in favor of government health care, which is “Republicans are racists.”


Bad news, gramps. Newsweek has determined your life is not worth living.


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3 responses to “Newsweek: Hurray for Death Panels

  1. The NHS also offs babies as well as the elderly and sick – and we want to adopt a more dark and sinister version of the NHS here?

    Actually, no, no we DON’T want to adopt it here – the people have been crystal clear on THAT – Obama seems to think if he can just lecture us ONE MORE TIME, in the “right way” or in the “right words”, that we’ll all change our minds and get on board with his fascist regime. Jayden Caswell might have thought differently if he were given any medical care.

  2. The Doktor

    This administration and Congress is starting to sound like when I took acid and listened to Firesign Theatre. ”Railroad’s coming through . . . right now!

    Flip me my fiddle, Watson!

    Doktor Proctor

  3. The Doktor

    Here’s what I’m talkin’ about –

    Don’t Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers

    Doktor Tirebiter
    (And tubs of slaw!!)

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