MSM Attempt at a Distraction FAIL

The MSM would rather not talk about legitimate concerns over Chairman Zero’s power grabs, corrupt Chicago-style politics, and misguided socialist policies. It’s easier and more politically useful to pick a conservative, demonize him, and try to drum up continuous two-minutes hate toward him. Watch what happens when a couple of CNN dingbats covering the 9-12 March try desperately to change the subject to Joe Wilson.

Obviously, the impertinence of the “Mob” will not go over well in some quarters; rude behavior toward the MSM is practically the same as rude behavior toward Chairman Zero himself. But this is what conservatives have to do to be heard in the mainstream media. What did politely asking for a chance to speak our piece ever get us? It got us George Will for an hour on Sunday morning with four leftists for “balance.” That’s about it.

Hat Tip: Powerline

P.S. Much in the same way the MSM was downplaying the size of the crowd in DC yesterday, the CNN Anchor understates Joe Wilson’s fundraising. It is reportedly over a million dollars. Go, Joe!


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