Self-Centered Scrunt Whines About Being “Inconvenienced” by Solider’s Funeral Procession

Maybe we have forgotten about 9-11, or maybe some people are just too self-centered to ever honor the sacrifice of a soldier if it makes them a couple of minutes late for their shopping. This case from St. Louis, Missouri, makes me glad I don’t associate with people like this:

The Jefferson County sheriff has offered a stern response to a woman complaining she was inconvenienced by a procession accompanying a soldier’s casket.

The woman wrote an e-mail to Jefferson County Sheriff Glenn Boyer after she had a hard time driving around the procession escorting the casket of Sgt. William Woods, who was killed by Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

The story includes the text of the Jezebel’s email. Although I can’t be certain she is of the left, her email reaks of the self-pitying victimhood so characteristic of that tribe.

Who knew Kyle's Mom was from St. Louis

Who knew Kyle's Mom was from St. Louis



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6 responses to “Self-Centered Scrunt Whines About Being “Inconvenienced” by Solider’s Funeral Procession

  1. I’ve read the original complaint as well as the Sheriff’s response, and I’m going to step out of my usual reflexive modes for a moment.

    I have to be fair here. The complainer doesn’t really come off as some antiwar left-winger. I notice that her complaints, however misguided, seem to turn primarily on issues of public safety.

    For example, here’s an excerpt:

    “This procession should never have been held during rush hour traffic! Hwy. 270 is dangerous and people drive way too fast and there is too much traffic. This soldier’s certainly would not have want his family hurt on the interstate taking him to Cedar Hill. People were dead-stopping on the interstate even though the procession was in the far right lane, the other three lanes just stopped. There were many near accidents and possibly were after I drove through. I was in the 2nd to left lane, no way obstructing the funeral procession.”

    Does this sound to me like someone upset for being cut off by a funeral procession or someone who is anti-military…or someone who is simply concerned about someone getting hurt?

    Here’s another one:

    Anyway, two of these dirty, nasty, renegade, who knows what motorcycle men that were escorting the procession proceeded to stop in front of me in the right lane on Gravois. I had to stop in the middle of an intersection. They proceeded to scream and yell at me about respecting this soldier, etc. One of them climbed off his motorcycle and came over to me and stuck his head in my car continuing to scream at me. I asked him what this was for and he told me I needed to stop as the officers had the road blocked and show some dang respect. #1, the road was not blocked, the funeral was in the other lane. #2, I am proud of our country and sorry for the family, but they had no idea where I was going or anything else.”

    I’m sorry, but she’s right. This guy was out of line, period. He could have ignored her and kept on putting along on his Harley. To actually stick his head in her car is completely over-the-top…and I can see why it upset her if she had “I left an abusive husband 1 1/2 years ago and I did not need this intimidation.”

    I don’t agree with her comments about the “big nasty hoo-ha man” or whatever it was, but come on. Screaming and hollering at a complete stranger who’s trying to get through? Ok, he’s probably grieving and not himself today, but…..

    I notice the cop, in his response, doesn’t even address any of her complaints. He waxes poetic about a great guy the fallen soldier was, but doesn’t really say much about anything else, except to point out that one of the motorcycle men was the soldier’s uncle. So what?

    I’m all for giving this fallen soldier the respect he deserves. I simply think that perhaps people are being a bit rougher on this complainer than they need to be.

    And if I myself am out of line by defending this person, feel free to rebuke me. I suppose it’s entirely possible that she did more to provoke and antagonize people than she let on.

    I simply would feel better about coming down on her if she’d included a few choice words about it being a waste of time to honor fallen GI’s or how the war is stupid or Bush was bad for invading, or whatever…but I’m just not seeing any of that typically left-wing antiwar bullcrap here.

  2. The comments attached to the article are very interesting and provide some perspective. Anyone who feels strongly about this incident should read them.

    I especially liked the ones by StewieGriffin on pages 5 and 6.

  3. The Doktor


    It’s good to see Stewie taking time out from conquering the world to interact with people again. I was worried about the little guy for a while.

    Doktor Quagmire

  4. Mark my words, Doktor. Your uppance will come.


    (say with gay-sounding British accent)

  5. The Doktor


    My wife bought a plastic Stewie on a pedestal that plays all of his great quotes (noise activated or ‘press of a button’). Yours was one of them.

    ”Hello, mother. I come bearing a gift. I’ll give you a hint. It’s in my diaper and it’s not a toaster.”

    That’s one of my favorites.

    Doktor Rueing

  6. Right, right.

    ‘Family Guy’ humor aside, I thought the poster calling himself that, made some excellent points. He refused to cast aspersions on anyone’s character in the incident, relying strictly on the facts outlined in the two letters (the complainer’s and the cop’s) without reading anything into either one, as dozens of other posters were doing. “She probably….” “My friend is a Patriot Guard rider and he would never….” etc. To make matters worse, even some of the people who claimed to have been at or near the scene were giving conflicting accounts.

    Two of them even argued about the layout of the intersection and what it would or wouldn’t have been possible to do there. It got to the point where I didn’t know who to believe, so “Stewie” had a really refreshing take.

    Several other comments, I thought, were so on-point that I nearly pasted them in here.

    As I said, I really hated to find myself siding with the complainer (who comes off as prejudiced against men in general and bikers in particular) and against the cop after his speech on what a wonderful guy the Sgt was…because it’s entirely but the sheriff seemed to not only miss the woman’s complaint but also nursing any number of personal grudges. And I got to admit, some of those biker types can be pretty darned intimidating.

    I’m especially alarmed by the accusation by some posters, that the sheriff was part of Obama’s “truth” squad or whatever and is now looking to redeem himself among conservatives with all this patriotic blather.

    And what of the charge that some traffic cop held position on a road, then asked two members of the Patriot Guard riders to hold position and block traffic? What the hell? This huge procession is going through and the police can’t get on the radio and ask for backup? The entire law enforcement apparatus down there must be incompetent.

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