10 More Vicious Rumors About Glenn Beck The Left Could Start

The Demonrat Left is trying to start a rumor that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl. If that doesn’t work out, AoSHQ readers have suggested more outrageous. scamdalous rumors the left could start about Glenn Beck:

1. Glenn Beck once took his nephew out drinking at a hot club in Miami, got him liquored up, and they drove back to their Palm Beach compound and his nephew raped a young woman

2. Glenn Beck got shitfaced drunk and  drove his car off a bridge. He left a woman drowning in the car while he sobered up and called his lawyer for damage control.

3. Glenn Beck’s career was launched in the living room of avowed terrorists. In college, Beck defied the State Department ban on travel to Pakistan. Glenn Beck once walked into Nick Kristof’s office and recited the Islamic call to prayer–in flawless Arabic! Glenn Beck applied for scholarships as a foreign student. Glenn Beck let a cop-killer babysit his daughters. Glenn Beck has spent over a million dollars in legal fees to keep from releasing his college and medical records from the public. He also resolutely claimed that doctors wanted to remove children’s tonsils and diabetics’ feet for all that crazy medicine money. How hopped up on goofballs is that?

4. Glen Beck pushes global warmng hysteria while making a fortune from selling bogus carbon offsets.

5. As a super secret member of the Senate Finance Committee Glen Beck voted to bail out financial institutions he held stock in.

6. Before being elected to the senate, Glenn Beck was once a grand dragon in the West Virginia Ku Klux Klan.

7. Glenn Beck had a gay partner who ran a prostitution ring out of Glenn’s townhouse.

8. Glenn Beck appointed his unqualified gay homo boyfriend to be his homeland security adviser while he was governor of NJ. Beck also used to cruise rest stops on the Garden State Parkway for gay sex trysts, all while pretending to be straight and married to a nice looking woman with whom he fathered children. Yes, Glen Beck’s truth is that he is a gay American.

9, Glenn Beck wished Communist China Happy 60th Anniversary of their Communist existence during which over 70 million were killed by the Communist Regime.

10. After Glenn Beck left the priesthood and got a gig as a liberal radio talk show host in San Francisco, he got nabbed for having a ton of kiddie porn on his computer — which he said was only there for the purpose of researching a book on free speech.

These horrible rumors that would lead to outrage and the end of his career — if not criminal prosecution — if they were true.

No, Lefties. Glenn Beck didn't touch you here. He skull-fcuks you four hours a day.

No, Lefties. Glenn Beck didn't touch you here. He skull-fcuks you four hours a day.



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16 responses to “10 More Vicious Rumors About Glenn Beck The Left Could Start

  1. Republican adulterers Larry Craig, Mark Foley, Bob Packwood, Newt Gingrich. Bob Livingston, Robert Schrock, Henry Hyde, Mark Sanford, Rudy Gilianiu, and John McCain all had no comment on the rumour that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990.

  2. listing starboard

    Oh damn, truther , if the number of immoral lying hypocritical POS politicians on the Demonrat side is less than the immoral lying hypocritical POS politicians on the GOP side that means you win, right?

  3. Lisa in CA

    There have been many times where I have wanted to send your blogs out on Twitter but didn’t because of the language. It’s a little disappointing because I really like what is written on this site and would like to share, but I can’t share stuff with profanity.

    Guess I’ll just have to enjoy this one in private (again). 😦

  4. WadeZ

    The Truth can be a real idiot sometimes can’t it. It also really hurts when the truth comes out about Demonrats and it can’t muster up any excuses or reasons why they aren’t persecuted or prosecuted but just throws out attacks against people he doesn’t agree with (even when they are lies John McCain? are you basing that on the NYT’s?)

  5. The Doktor

    Gregory, (If it was G of Y that posted this)

    You’re at least attracting the non-paid ”Organization for America” volunteers now. Pretty soon you’ll get popular enough to get some of the highly paid O-F-A’ers to pile on their layer of crap.

    It’s a much higher class of crap, too. They’re usually like extreme Leftist lawyers that can’t get a job at a firm or even the LaRouche party anymore. You know the type – educated way beyond their ability to understand the knowledge that’s crammed into their tiny skulls and yet they’ve remembered one or two quotes from Alinsky or Marx that have held them in good stead.


    Doktor Disinclined

  6. Seems to me that most of the GOP pols that “truth” identified were eventually run out of office, forced to resign, or even prosecuted. I believe all of them also caught heat from their own side.

    The Dems? I could count on one hand. I don’t recall NOW budging one inch away from Clinton, not even after – what, four or five women? – credibly accused him of misconduct.

    We can’t get consistency when it comes to being run out of office for sin, nor for outrage from one’s own side. That’s all *I* would be looking for – equal treatment.

    The idea of letting Republicans off the hook while coming down on Dems like a ton of bricks, is equally disturbing.

  7. Fred Arker

    OMG! Beck had kiddie porn!!?!?! WTF?

  8. Cylar

    Fred….you DO know that all of these items are actually things that various Democrats were guilty of, correct?

    Gregory is simply pointing out the double standard.

  9. Janet Reno

    I think this should be a regular post! It’s like crappy politician trivia, you can do a new batch every month. BTW, What are the answers to the crappy politician trivia, I think I’m at about 7 of 10. But me and my buddy are arguing over who.

  10. The Doktor

    Didja hear that Beck and Palin are, like, starting their own Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and stuff? And they’re gonna hire Darth Vader.

    It’s true.

    Doktor Embellishment

  11. Didja hear that Beck and Palin are, like, starting their own Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and stuff? And they’re gonna hire Darth Vader.

    “Rumors do not concern me, Admiral. I want that Presidency, not excuses.”

    “You are a member of the Democrat party and a traitor.”

    “Luke. I am your political consultant.”

    “The fundraising is strong with this one.”

    “I find your lack of slogans disturbing.”

  12. Just my vote of thanks and sincerer appreciation for a hearty, healthy laugh or ten that made my day!

  13. The Doktor


    I second Wahrheit’s ‘truth’ful thanks. I literally LOLed. Especially on the last one.

    “I find your lack of slogans disturbing.”

    Doktor Disturbing

  14. Well, I meant the original post but the comment was pretty darn good, too.

  15. Jimbo

    Glenn Beck, America demands an answer. Will you confirm or deny the rumors that you worked as a ‘rent boy’ in Las Vegas during the early 1990’s, where, while servicing Mormon Elders and Republican Congressmen, they initiated you into the trilateral commission and the Masons. And that in fact you were the infamous third person in the hot tub at Jack Nicholson’s Mulholland Drive mansion, aiding and abetting Roman Polanski in drugging and raping an underage girl, then dumping her body in the La Brea tar pit. And will you for once give us a straight answer regarding the allegations of your masterminding an illegal Seattle dog fighting ring, while serving as a high priest of a Satanic cult and engaged in crimes against nature involving goats, sheep, and gerbils.

  16. Why won’t Glenn Beck clear his name and answer the all the haters with their allegations that he raped and murdered a young girl in 1990? His continuing silence is very disturbing. I also read that the FBI considers him a flight risk!!?? Come on! Glenn!! Fight back!!

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