So, How Does the Van Jones saga end?

Any bets? I can think of at least four scenarios

1. Obama keeps him. Eventually, the right runs out of new revelations. He keeps quiet for a few months, and the left spins the charges of radicalism as “old news” and “right wing attacks.”

2. Resigns because “these allegations have become a distraction from the important work of this administration.”

3. Obama fires him, throws him under the bus.

4. Starts a bonfire of American flags on the White House lawn and goes out in a “blaze of glory.” Accepts tenured professorship at Evergreen State, Harvard, or U-Illinois.

5. Quits to host his own show on MSDNC, Fight the Power with Van X.

The underside of the bus awaits. Possibly.

The underside of the bus awaits. Possibly.



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8 responses to “So, How Does the Van Jones saga end?

  1. The Doktor

    Please watch this VIDEO to find out about the current group our president has appointed to his Cabinet and the 47 ”Czars” who are answerable only to the president and not vetted by Congress, the FBI, or the Secret Service.

    Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev famously used an expression generally translated into English as “We will bury you!”

    On August 24, 1963, Khrushchev himself remarked in his speech in Yugoslavia, “I once said, ‘We will bury you,’ and I got into trouble with it. Of course we will not bury you with a shovel. Your own working class will bury you,”

    And it’s happening – starting from the ”top” (the president, or ”Community Organizer in Chief”) down (various Czars and Leftist organizations). Hussein once said in one of his campaign speeches that ”A person is known by the company he keeps”. Let us be clear that our president is indeed a Communist/Marxist and he is, and all of his followers (the news and entertainment media included) are ”Changing” this country from a flourishing Capitalist society into a Leftist ”Paradise”, not unlike Cuba and Venezuela. And how has that worked out for them? How’s has it been working for us? ”Jobless” Recovery??? Please.

    My point? Many times every week since January 20th, 2009, this administration has made direct assaults on our culture, our country, our businesses, our auto industry, our banks, our economic system, our educational systems, our military, American citizens, and various independent news gatherers who have ”crossed that line” with our president and his ”People” – they asked questions. Something the ”state run” media doesn’t do anymore.

    In fact, to read or watch ”the media” you wouldn’t know that there are still enemies out in the world. Whole peoples and nations still want to kill us all or destroy our society. It seems that our administration’s major ”enemy” and focus are Americans who disagree with the president’s policies and economic decisions. Normal American citizens are being physically attacked by thugs who are on the payroll of organizations which the president was once a member of and are bankrolled, in part, by YOU – the taxpayer. Anyone questioning the president are attacked vociferously by the administration and the media. When was this ever acceptable??

    And now we are faced with a decision. Do we accept what this group of Communists (remember when Communism was BAD?) or do we get rid of them. All House members are up for election in 2010. We can take back the majority in the House if we all vote out every Democrat (Socialist, Communist, Leftist – whatever). There are also enough Senators coming up for re-election in 2010 for us to gain a majority in Senate. Then we can start investigations (something that’s impossible at this time with the Congress being held by the Left) to find out just how far the infiltration has gone.

    McCarthyism – A phrase to denote extreme political paranoia. Something that you will not read in our school’s history books or see on the media is that McCarthy was right about Communism’s infiltration. He was just too much of a self-centered jerk and got off track – that’s what took him down.

    Of course, if you think this is extreme and radical thinking then, by all means, ignore it. It is still America – for now – and you can vote any way you like. However, if you take the time to seek out what is really happening I believe you’ll find that America needs a Change. ASAP.

    If you want a good place to start finding out about how the news media is in reality the ”state media” then go to NewsBusters. What they do is show what the media is reporting (or not reporting) and then show the truth or, at the very least, an ”unspun” version.

  2. Amazingly I go with #1, I really do. I don’t think this WH will admit that they had to cave into Glenn Beck and us bloggers…….have you been to the Left Coast Rebel?
    Please follow!

  3. forest

    2 then 4 and then the left calls everyone a racist.

  4. Cylar

    Doktor sez, ” However, if you take the time to seek out what is really happening I believe you’ll find that America needs a Change. ASAP.”

    Wouldn’t it be funny if the GOP ran on some variant of the “change” theme in ’10 and ’12? Is the phrase “Change we can believe in” a copyrighted or trademarked catchphrase?

    Of course the Obamunists wouldn’t like it. They want to keep the “change” bit for themselves, saying that WE are the ones who are trying to take the country back to the bad old days. Down in Cuba, Castro still talks about “La Revolucion” as if it were still going, as if Batista were still in power or there were some force trying to put him back in and take Cuba back to whatever-it-was before the communists took over. When it ended 60 years ago. (I’ve read that back before Castro, Cuba actually exported food, rather than having to beg for it.)

  5. mega

    A day or two ago, I thought #2. But now I’m thinking #1. The media blackout on this story has got to have Obama thinking he can outlast the conservatives on this one and just play it out until the media spins it into the “right wing attack machine.” It’s just Rev. Wright part 2 or 5 or 50. BUT…regardless, the right should keep grinding on this story at least thru Wednesday to constrain the media’s upcoming attempt to spin Obama’s speech as the renewal of America’s love affair with its president.

  6. The Doktor

    No doubt about it, Van Da Man is camera ready so I’m going with #5. He’ll be a great addition to Olbermann’s show – sort of the way Willard Scott added to the Today show. After all, they both started out as clowns.

    Doktor Verbose

  7. Cylar

    Looks like #2 wins!

    If we’re lucky, maybe this will be the beginning of the end of “czars.”

    Czars are bad. It’s the one singular point that the Bolsheviks had correct.

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