Glenn Beck This Morning

I bet he looks a little something like this:

(Hat tip: Jonah Goldberg)

Meanwhile, at Keith Olbermann’s house…

(Actually, he’s not responding to the Van Jones resignation. That’s how every morning is at Keith Olbermann’s house.)

Here’s another nice, reasonable, nuanced left-wing response from comments at the Washington Post:

It is a shame that the Obama Administration is allowing this bullying by the GOP (AKA) American Taliban. Bush was responsible for 9/11. The Gop (AKA) American Taliban is also responsible for the Oklahoma bombing. This isn’t “Breaking News” however the GOP (AKA) American Taliban continue to bully their way into an attempted control of our government. Remember, money is the GOP (AKA) American Taliban’s almighty idol and they will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING no matter the cost to attain 100% control of it.

Here we see the state of mind of the progressive left, but it’s people who want to see Obama’s college records that are nuts.

– post by Gregory of Yardale



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2 responses to “Glenn Beck This Morning

  1. The Doktor

    Naw. I think Beck is more of a jeans and dress shirt kind of a guy topped off with a sports coat. His hair is shorter, too.

  2. Didja HAVE to rip a scene from Ace Ventura? I hate how the Englishman is all the more a villain because he hunts animals.

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