The Godless Left Plays the Jesus Card

A lot of the lefties, including the Pinko in Chief, have been proclaiming that socialized health care is a moral Christian obligation. (Ironically, these are the same people who squeal ‘Separation of Church and State’ anytime someone wants to put a Christmas Tree in the Courthouse lobby.)

Is this really WJWD? I consulted the New Testament, Matthew 19: 16 – 24 to be precise. This is the story of the rich young noble who asks how he can gain eternal life. Eventually, Jesus tells him. “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me. (Matthew 19:21)”

Note what Christ didn’t say. He didn’t say, “Give me your wealth so I can take care of the poor.” He didn’t say, “Give all your wealth to the government so they will take care of the poor.” And he sure as heck did not say, “Lobby the government to take away other people’s wealth and redistribute it to the poor.”

Two things conservatives understand that liberals don’t. 1.) Moral obligations are personal, you can’t proxy them to the government. 2.) A government can’t do as good a job taking care of the poor and unfortunate as charities do. Government has incentives to keep people dependent, charities don’t. Charities have to take care with how they use their funding and resources, governments don’t.

Commonsense stuff, really. But liberals seem incapable of comprehending basic common sense.

"Dang it, Schultz, stop putting words in my mouth!"

"Dang it, Schultz, stop putting words in my mouth!"



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4 responses to “The Godless Left Plays the Jesus Card

  1. Teh Mole

    Good post.

    Here’s a thought. The essence of fascism is, worship of the State as the answer to life’s problems. It is a phenomenon of the Left. Now we have a bunch of leftists telling us that we should follow them because of Christ. Wouldn’t that make them… uhh… umm… “christo-fascists”? Or the world’s real “Christianists”? (two slurs they are always trying to throw at social conservatives)

  2. GAH!

    I’m telling you, I am going to freaking PUNCH the next assclown who tries to tell me that a secular federal government has some right to tax Christians and nonbelievers alike, then use the proceeds to fund any kind of program aimed at helping the poor in Christ’s name.

    I’M FRAKKING SICK OF THIS. I’m tired of it! How damn hard is this to grasp? You don’t take money from people by force and give it to the poor, and call it Christian compassion! You don’t!

    Thank you, Gregory, for stating the obvious. I made much the same point here on my own (sort of) blog.

  3. Teh Mole

    Cylar, unfortunately you are going to have to punch a lot of liberal, so-called “mainline” Christians.

    That’s liberal fascism for you, though: Loot people by force, and call it religious compassion.

  4. Mole, that’s one of the major reasons I find it aggravating. A lot of these people should know better…and would if they spent more time reading the Bible, and less gossiping in their social circles.

    The other reason is that I just plain-don’t-accept criticism of my spiritual walk or methods, from nonbelievers. I’m not going to sit there and listen to some atheist or other outsider tell me that he knows more about the teachings of Christ than I do, someone who was raised in church according to Scripture and been a Christian his entire life. Such people will not be permitted to tell me that it’s MY view of compassion which is upside down. It’s an insult.

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