Two Little Victories in the Fight Against Obamunism

Yesterday, the Resistance scored a pair of victories in the fight against Obamunism.

On the Northern Front, the Canadian Hate Speech law used to persecute Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant has been struck down as unconstitutional. It’s not over yet, since the Speech Fascists intend to pursue the case to a higher Canadian court, but it’s the first time in Canadian history the law has come down on the side of Free Speech.

On the Eastern Front, Chairman Zero’s regime was forced to back down from its scheme to indoctrinate schoolchildren and make them pledge to support the president.  The speech will go forward, but the pledges to support the president have been retconned. Parents are advised to keep the kids at home that day anyway, as the Teacher’s Unions will probably take the opportunity to propagandize anyway. (Lefty trolls have been bleating, “What’s wrong with the president being involved in education?” This from the same people who claim to have been appalled that Bush was reading to schoolchildren when 9-11 happened.)

You left-wingers out there want to know why we fight you? This is why; because every once in a while, we win. When we win, liberty wins.

Free Speech? What's that aboot?

Free Speech? What's that aboot?


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One response to “Two Little Victories in the Fight Against Obamunism

  1. We fight the Left because it’s wrong. We fight it because its prescriptions would weaken rather than strengthen the country.

    The prospect of victory, while not irrelevant, have little to do with whether or not we fight the Left. And “fight” is the word.

    Never forget that these people are the opposition. They’re not our friends. They may qualify as fellow Americans, and as such cannot be morally or lawfully killed or shut up. But we can and will battle them in the arena of ideas. We can fight them tooth and nail for every inch of ground they want to take…and try our darndest to beat them back every so often.

    When I think about squishy moderates who want to make deals with the Left, I’m reminded of collaborators within a country under a hostile military occupation.

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