Terrorism Works When Liberals Are in Charge

It seems as though Chairman Zero was okay with Britain’s Oil-For-Terrorists deal all along, despite public proclamations to the contrary.As someone commented elsewhere, “It’s almost as if we were pro-terrorists instead of fighting a war against them.”

Here’s the dirty little secret. Terrorism works when liberals are in charge. Terrorists have a forty year track record of success achieving their goals with the cooperation of liberal governments, particularly European leftists and the socialist United Nations. Terrorism allows the gang of thugs that constitute the Palestinian Authority to claim political legitimacy and billions in “international aid.” Terrorism allows Iran to get within months of having a nuclear weapon while sponsoring terrorism around the world without any repercussions. Even when it comes to publishing cartoons offensive to Mooslims, liberals wuss out.

Leftists believe that terrorists have legitimate grievances, and so they forgive the acts of barbarism through which those grievances are expressed; as long as it’s Jewish schoolchildren being blown up and not European elites. Leftists also revere conflict resolution, and are averse to confrontation. Hence, leftists will negotiate the terms of their demise with the vary barbarians who wish to kill them.

When liberals say they want to “deal with” terrorists, they mean, they want to make a deal with terrorists that gives them 90% of their demands in return for a promise to suspend blowing up schoolchildren. The terrorists get their demands, and then proceed to blow up schoolchildren in pursuit of the other 10%.

Conservatives want to “deal with” terrorists by arranging a face-to-face meeting between the terrorists and Allah.

The inevitable outcome of a liberal negotiating with a terrorist.

The inevitable outcome of a liberal negotiating with a terrorist.



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2 responses to “Terrorism Works When Liberals Are in Charge

  1. The Doktor

    Poor Chris. If only he had know Sadam for what he was. Well, where was he gonna go? Detroit?

    Most Muslims are poopheads from poophead countries. Turn ’em to glass, I say.

    Doktor Detroit

  2. martyfink

    The Republicans are in the hands of Islamo-Papal Fascists. The Republicans are running the most muslim candidates. Nixon got the Saudis to fund the Black Muslims because he feared the Jews were behind desegregation. The Republican Catholics let the terrorists in when Giuliani had the Albanians harass Serb Easter vigil. They want to canonize their nazi pope. We might be conservative, but we are not going to side with those who want to kill us!

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